AcuPick technology, Following the innovative concept of in-depth integration, effectively utilizes both front-end and back-end intelligence to help users locate targets more conveniently, more quickly, and more accurately in massive video data.
  • Quicker Search
    AcuPick can quickly locate video clips of human/vehicle targets, saving up to 99% searching time.
  • Easier Operation
    Compared with traditional searching mode, AcuPick only needs 1 pick to extract targets, saving lots of complex operation.
  • High Accuracy
    AcuPick provides users with high accuracy through its comprehensive eigenvalues for human and vehicle targets.
  • Reduced TCO
    With lower operation costs and no expensive computing server needed, the total cost of ownership is significantly reduced.
Key Technologies
Quicker Search
Directly locate the target: Users can quickly and easily filter out vast amounts of useless information and locate the relevant video clips of their target.
Smart search by intrusion: Users can draw an intrusion rule to search for video clips during SMD playback, helping then to quickly and easily identify the target that entered the area.

User can only select human/vehicle

AcuPick allows searching for humans/vehicles that have entered the interested area while performing ahistorical video search of the target

Easier Operation
Just one pick: AcuPick is super easy to use. Users can search in preview or playback with just one pick! With just one click, users can freeze the video and frame the target.
Enabled by default: In IPC WizMind S & NVR5-EI, AcuPick is enabled by default. Utilizing AI computing power, it can quickly and accurately extract attribute information of targets. Additionally, Perimeter Protection can be turned on simultaneously on the IPC side.

User can only select human/vehicle

AcuPick/AI mode options on NVR
(AcuPick is enabled by default)

Smart secondary search: AcuPick can perform a second accurate search based on the search results. Click the freeze option in the search and playback interface to freeze a frame. The system will automatically extract the detected target. Click the detected image to complete the second search.

AcuPick supports managing search results classified according to time or similarity. It supports useful features such as favorite videos, hide uninteresting videos, and export videos that need to be used.

Build a comprehensive set of video evidence from multiple video sources in order to create a powerful narrative of events.

Users can find all their favorite videos in the 'favorites' bar, which can be exported to MP4/DAV format.

High Accuracy
• IPC/NVR extracts and models the target's appearance details through an algorithm, mainly focusing on the appearance characteristics of the human body, such as clothing color, clothing style, gender, body shape, and other relevant information.
• It aims to determine whether the person/vehicle of interest appeared elsewhere at a distinct time captured by a different camera or the same camera at a different moment in time.
Reduced TCO
  • Lower Purchase Price (no server needed)
    The IPC and NVR can effectively process data with intelligent computing power. They are suitable for small and medium-sized campus scenarios with fewer than 32 channels, without the need for a server.
  • Lower Operation Cost
    AcuPick improves retrieval efficiency by providing easier operations, faster search functions, and higher accuracy. Furthermore, it is useful for various precise retrieval scenarios, reducing manpower and operational maintenance costs.
Typical Scenarios
  • Shopping Mall
    A mall has a large flow of people. Children can easily get lost or separated from their parents. When a child is missing, searching for them may require a lot of manpower and material resources. AcuPick's secondary search function allows you to locate relevant video information to immediately locate the lost child.
  • Parking Lot
    Parking lots are not 100% safe. In case of a hit-and-run or vandalism, it is often difficult for the authorities to track down the culprit. The Smart Search by Intrusion, a feature of AcuPick, allows you to quickly identify and locate videos of targets that can be used as evidence.
  • Enterprise Park
    An enterprise building is a relatively open environment, which poses risks of property loss to its employees if not monitored properly. To monitor the people entering and leaving the premises, AcuPick can traceback past movements of suspicious individuals in order to track down any illegal activities within the enterprise park and its surrounding areas.

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