Electronic Shelf Labels

Electronic Shelf Labels (ESL) can meet all of the retail needs. Through our Cloud Management Platform, which supports customizable templates and multiple languages, retailers can easily manage their products and update prices, promotions, or other information in real-time, owning a more efficient, cost-effective, accurate and environmentally friendly retail management.

  • Solution Introduction

    AP Station:
    Registered in could service, and transfer the information to ESL

    Electronic Shelf Label:
    • Communicate with AP via Bluetooth
    • Display the price or other key information

    • Bracket, clips and rails for installation
    • PDA for ESL and goods binding

    Retail Management Cloud Service:
    • Merchandise detail information and price management
    • AP and e-paper or LCD management

  • Benefits

    Reduce Labor Cost:
    no need for extra employees to put on traditional paper price labels

    Reduce Paper Waste:
    paperless price labeling can help conserve the environment

    Reduce Error Rate:
    improve customer satisfaction and avoid loss due to price error

    More Promotional Channels:
    information display about the product, stock, or promotion, with option to switch between general and promotion templates based on preset schedule

  • Software Deployment

    • Public Cloud Solution:
    The system is deployed on public server.
    Suitable for all kinds of customers.

    • Private Cloud Solution:
    The system is deployed on the customer's own cloud server.
    Applicable to distributors or large chain brands.

    • Local Solution:
    The system is deployed on a private network.
    Applicable to regional businesses with multiple stores or single store.

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Electronic Shelf Label (ESL)


Electronic Shelf Label (ESL)


Electronic Shelf Label (ESL)


Electronic Shelf Label (ESL)


Electronic Shelf Label (ESL)


Electronic Shelf Label (ESL)


Electronic Shelf Label (ESL)


Electronic Shelf Label (ESL)


Electronic Shelf Label (ESL)


Electronic Shelf Label (ESL)


Electronic Shelf Label (ESL)


Electronic Shelf Label (ESL)

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