Dahua Releases Cloud Managed Switches to Better Facilitate Network Transmission


September 7, 2023 / Hangzhou, China. Dahua, a world-leading video-centric AIoT solution and service provider, recently released its own cloud managed switches to better facilitate network transmission via one robust platform, enabling quick deployment, hassle-free configuration, efficient maintenance and PoE 2.0 transmission.

Setting up a reliable network solution is never an easy task. It often involves troublesome deployment, complex configuration, difficulties in monitoring real-time status, and expensive overhead costs. The Dahua Cloud Managed Switches effectively address these challenges through its integration with the DoLynk Care cloud platform, a professional and reliable platform where users can remotely maintain their customers’ sites anytime, anywhere.

Devices can be added on the system by scanning a QR code, and users can manage them remotely via DoLynk Care (mobile app or web platform). This cloud-based platform automatically identifies connected products and generate corresponding topology, providing a unified management platform and enabling fast deployment of devices.

Moreover, configuring connected devices can also be done remotely via the online platform. It supports various configuration functions such as reboot, upgrade, backup, restore, etc., as well as several management functions including STP, VLAN, Link Aggregation, Loop Protection, and more. Users can also be quickly redirected to the settings menu of their connected device on the platform for a more convenient configuration and operation.

In terms of maintenance, the Dahua Cloud Managed Switches offer a great deal of advantages, including: remote modification of device configuration based on the graphical topology; remote access to the IPC camera live view; data dashboard that shows graphical data of the real-time status of connected device; one-click health diagnosis for all devices, including professional guidance for troubleshooting; and possibility to entrust the system to a dedicated operator to provide users with consistent and efficient service and resolve all device faults in time.

Furthermore, a full set of PoE 2.0 functions is also provided, making the Dahua Cloud Managed Switches suitable for both surveillance monitoring and computer networking. Its red port complies with the latest international standard IEEE 802.3bt and can supply 90W PoE output. It supports PoE Watchdog that enables the switch to automatically detect port status and restart any faulty camera to recover connection. There is also perpetual PoE that helps maintain stable power supply during a soft reboot (including web reboot, import configuration and upgrade). What’s more, these switches can deliver a 250-meter long distance transmission, breaking the common 100m limitation in the industry.

Overall, the Dahua Cloud Managed Switches offer a reliable and convenient network transmission solution that can significantly optimize deployment, configuration, and maintenance of devices by utilizing a unified online platform. It enables users to remotely manage their devices whenever and wherever they are, efficiently eliminating the hassle of going to the site and greatly simplifying network maintenance.

For more information about Dahua Cloud Managed Switches, visit the official webpage here.

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