Dahua AI Solution Upgraded the Security Level of The First China International Import Expo


The first China International Import Expo was held on November 5, 2018 in Shanghai. As the world's first import-themed national exhibition, it attracted more than 3,600 exhibitors from 172 countries, regions and international organizations, making security a top priority during the event.

As an essential force in the global security industry, Dahua Technology has performed outstandingly in assuring the security of many international events such as the Rio Olympic Games, G20 Hangzhou Summit and the 9th BRICS Summit. This time, Dahua Technology has shouldered the security responsibility again with its state-of-the-art products and solutions.


The Expo expected a total number of 800,000 visitors, as well as tens of thousands of displayed goods, coming from more than 3,000 companies in more than 130 countries, demanding safety as the top priority in the venue. Integrating data from various departments as well as monitoring the venue and command dispatching became a huge challenge for the security and police personnel.


Dahua Technology provided more than 3,000 sets of cutting-edge intelligent equipment in the core locations of the Shanghai National Convention and Exhibition Center and its surrounding areas, using video AR, face recognition, ANPR, video structuring, intelligent analysis and other technologies to improve the venue’s level of security.

AI boosts the security within the core areas of the Expo

In order to further enlarge the area security coverage, Dahua Technology set up video surveillance points in key areas of Shanghai National Convention and Exhibition Center including entrance and exit points of the outer ring, interior area, office buildings, as well the surrounding major passages, plazas, commanding points, subway entrances and exits, pedestrian bridges, etc.

In addition to the already pre-installed surveillance equipment, new monitoring devices were also added to make sure that there will be no blind spots and interruptions of the video transmission in the whole area.

Dahua panoramic cameras installed at the commanding point of the Shanghai National Convention and Exhibition Center employs AR technology in order to achieve omni-directional and no blind spot surveillance. Additionally, the panoramic cameras deployed inside the exhibition center monitor the situation inside the exhibition hall and obtain real-time dynamic information that builds a three-dimensional platform that are visual, controllable and schedulable to facilitate an efficient security operation.

Moreover, intelligent video analysis system was built in the exhibition area to classify the acquired data according to the preset rules and application requirements, such as crowd detection, behavior analysis, map search, etc. This system expands and deepens the application of video information in the efficiency of public security.

Furthermore, through the Dahua Deep Learning Series video alert camera, people who would illegally climb over the perimeter fence built within the 4-kilometer area of the exhibition hall would be identified and captured.

The Dahua face recognition system deployed at the entrance and exit of the exhibition center could recognize the identity of all visitors in real time by comparing their ID card’s recorded information with the face photo captured by the front-end smart camera. This system did not just improve the traffic efficiency of the entrance and exit points, but also guaranteed the safety and accuracy of the identification of people walking in and out of the venue.

Surrounding areas are fully equipped and covered

Dahua high-definition smart cameras were also set up at the entrance and exit around the transportation hub of the Shanghai National Convention and Exhibition Center to monitor and track high-risk vehicles and people in real-time. This effectively improved the road management and traffic control in the area.

Fully structured cameras capturing real-time videos of motor vehicles, pedestrians and non-motor vehicles were deployed in the surrounding area, which also support face and body recognition for a more comprehensive security.

Additionally, a video network platform automatically connects the video and image data captured within the area to the public security command center, creating a resource sharing integration of valuable information.


China International Import Expo has facilitated countries and regions all over the world in strengthening economic cooperation and trade, and promoting global trade and world economic growth. Dahua AI solutions has greatly enhanced the prevention and control measures within the key areas around the venue, assuring security during the Expo.

After the event, Dahua Technology received letters from the Shanghai Public Security Bureau, Qingpu Public Security Bureau, Changning Public Security Bureau, Shanghai Hongqiao Integrated Transportation Hub Emergency Response Center, and other offices, thanking Dahua Technology for its strong support and contributions to the success of the security management during the event.

From the Rio Olympic Games to the G20 Hangzhou Summit, from the 9th BRICS Summit to the first China International Import Expo, Dahua Technology always accomplishes various security tasks with high quality and efficiency. With its cutting-edge products and solutions, quality operation services and professional technical team, Dahua Technology will continue to assist more major international events in the future.

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