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Smart Interactive Whiteboard

The Dahua DeepHub Smart Interactive Whiteboard adopts an all-in-one design to facilitate daily work and meeting activities including wireless projection, whiteboard writing, video conference and file management. It delivers an immersive and efficient working environment and brings productive collaboration.


The traditional conference solution has a series of disadvantages and inconveniences. It is most likely accompanied with a handful of ordeals such as poor interaction, messy cables, incompatible operating system, projector malfunction, unperceivable handwriting, etc.

Poor Interaction

Poor Clarity

Cable Clutter

Solution Highlights

4K UHD Touchscreen

The 65"/75"/86" 4K UHD (3840×2160) DLED display with anti-glare technology provides sharp images and vivid colors.

Wireless Projection

Supports one-tap wireless projection from laptop, tablet, mobile phone, etc., providing a convenient and efficient operation.

Intelligent Whiteboard

Offers smooth writing experience with less than 35ms writing time delay and up to 20 points simultaneous writing, making it ideal for brainstorming and idea sharing.

Video Conference

The built-in 4K camera and an array of 8 microphones delivers a life-like visual and audio communication experience. The device is also compatible with common third-party video conferencing software.

File Management

Allows sharing of meeting content by simply scanning a QR code. The shared file can also be encrypted for privacy.

Fingerprint Lock

Supports fingerprint lock to make sure only authorized person can access the device, protecting users’ information security.

Application Scenarios

Meeting Room

Open Office Area

Exhibition Hall

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