Dahua Technology Unveils Full-color Cube to Explore New Possibilities of Innovation


April 19, 2023 / Hangzhou, China. Dahua Technology, a world-leading video-centric AIoT solution and service provider, unveils the 2023 Full-color Cube concept at a global online launch event —— a cube of color magic that combines Full-color, Smart Dual Light and other technologies into infinite possibilities of innovation. Featuring panoramic vision, more personalized and flexible settings, intelligence at will, and future growth, the Full-color Cube unlocks a wealth of cutting-edge security functions through powerful technological combinations, bringing multiple benefits to customers with different needs.

“Dahua’s Full-color technology is continuously being upgraded, with the addition of Smart Dual Light as one great example. This year, we combined these two core technologies with AI, Duo and PT cameras, as well as other technologies to offer the Full-color Cube that further addresses users’ monitoring needs for vivid and color images in low-light environments,” said Eaden Xie, Product Manager at Dahua Technology. “In the future, there will be more innovation and integration of Full-color and other technologies. Let’s wait and see,” he added.

Since it was first proposed in 2018, Dahua has been constantly investing in Full-color Technology that provides users with 24/7 color monitoring as well as trust-worthy performance in terms of clarity, definition, flexibility, accuracy and intelligence. The Smart Dual Light Technology released last year provides a flexible solution to users who need the right lighting at the right time, enabling them to focus on real threats in real time. Utilizing the accumulated capabilities of these two foundational technologies, the 2023 Full-color Cube showcases what innovation can look like when combined with extensive panoramic monitoring, or with active deterrence and smart analytical capabilities.

Full-color + Panoramic: 180° wide-angle color monitoring of large scenes

The Full-color + Panoramic series achieves a wider range of visual coverage by utilizing the capabilities of both Full-color Duo and PT cameras.

· Full-color + Duo

Using Dahua’s advanced pixel-level metadata fusion algorithm, the Full-color Duo camera adopts Dual F1.0 Aperture Lens and Dual 1/1.8" CMOS Sensors to create better imaging effects in low-light conditions. Compared with traditional cameras, its seamless 180° image significantly saves equipment and installation costs. Also, the eyeball model supports 3-axis rotation, which makes installation and operation more convenient. Moreover, its EPTZ function features panoramic image with multiple target details. In addition, it has 4K ultra-high resolution that ensures a clear image even when enlarged.

· Full-color + PT

The Full-color PT camera is equipped with larger pan & tilt angle to provide an expanded field of view, while capturing 24/7 color images for more information and details. It can cover a wider area with a single camera, and with fewer blind spots in the field of view. With multiple mounting options to choose from, it is easy to install and convenient to adjust remotely.

TiOC: Full-time protection before, during, and after an event

TiOC (Three-in-One Camera) is a star product of the Dahua Full-color family that integrates Smart Dual Light, Active Deterrence, and AI. Before an event, SMD 4.0 and Perimeter Protection technology can effectively filter out false alarms to focus on human/vehicle target of interest. During an event, Smart Dual Light technology can record events in color, while the red and blue flashing lights and sound alarm can deter and drive away intruders. After an event, the Smart Search function can quickly search for footages of human and vehicles, shortening the investigation and backtracking of the incident. Another highlight of TiOC is its third-party platform access that allows for live broadcast/playback, video and audio parameter configuration, receiving of events information, and more.

Choosing the right Full-color solution

For large and open areas where wide-angle color monitoring is needed, the Full-color Duo and Full-color PT products are ideal choices. Specifically, the Duo series can achieve 180° view of the scene, which is suitable for school, playground, square, hall and parking lot. The PT series can rotate horizontally and vertically, reducing blind spots in the field of vision and making it ideal for retail stores, villas, offices, etc. Private sites such as villas and warehouses can consider TiOC, as it is known for its real-time alarm via mobile app as well as its active deterrence function. For public areas such as fire exits and emergency lanes, TiOC is also a wise option as it can effectively monitor and maintain unobstructed zones.

The combination of Full-color Technology and Smart Dual Light Technology with other technologies has gradually become a trend. With these two technologies at the core of Full-color Cube, Dahua will continue to invest and explore innovative technologies and products in order to create greater value for our customers worldwide.

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