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Radar Perimeter Protection

With the increasing number of perimeter protection monitoring related scenarios, more and more customers are no longer satisfied with simple video surveillance solutions. What they need is a more comprehensive, accurate, and intelligent global perimeter protection monitoring solution.
The Dahua Radar Perimeter Protection Solution, with combined radar trajectory tracking and PTZ camera video tracking, provides all-weather, high-precision, and wide-range global monitoring.

Business Challenge

  • High False Rate

    The false alarm rate of infrared sensors and traditional visual detection systems is high for surrounding intrusion events. Small animals, leaves, and flags often trigger false alarms, with a certain rate of missing alarms.

  • Undocumented

    The physical fence with fence sensor can provide precise alarm. Nevertheless, it cannot record visual information of the intrusion event.

  • Weather and Environment Influence

    The traditional perimeter protection monitoring system is easily affected by weather and environment condition. Rain, snow, fog and extremely dark environment affect detection accuracy.

  • Insufficient Global Information

    The traditional perimeter protection monitoring system focuses on single-point monitoring, lacking global trajectory tracking within the monitoring range.

What is the Multi-dimensional Protection?

  • The first ‘dimension’ is security radar which can be used to acquire targets in the monitored area.

  • The second ‘dimension’ is high resolution and intelligent video so that security personnel can see targets in real time.

  • The third "dimension" is thermal imaging technology that can be used in certain application scenarios such as forested areas, lakes, rivers and reservoirs.

Solution Benefits

24/7 DAY

Works in all-weather conditions (darkness, heavy fog, rain, snow, etc.)


Low false alarm rate using smart radar algorithm


Horizontal 90/120-degree, extra wide angle detection range


Offers moving track display and PTZ camera real-time monitoring;
Supports human/vehicle target filtering


Supports linkage of multiple DAHUA PTZ cameras to one radar or multiple radars to one PTZ camera;
Provides graded alarm set


Configuration and management of the radar-PTZ smart tracking system on the DSS platform

Recommended Solution

Processing Flow

Solution Video

Application Scenario

High-Risk Areas Explosion Field, Transformer Substation

Highly Valuable Areas Chemical Warehouse, Parking Lots, Airport

Upscale Private Areas Upscale Park, Private Beach Resort

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