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Dahua Swing Barrier

> The cabinet is built of 304 stainless steel that is 2.0 mm thick.

> 12 pairs of built-in IR detectors.

> Uses a DC brushless servo motor.

> Auto closes barriers when no one enters the turnstile after the specified time.

> Supports restoring the system parameters to their default values.

> Supports sound and light alarms.

> MCBF (Mean Cycles Between Failures) is more than 8 million times.

> Supports normally opening the fire passage.

> Offers mechanical anti-squeeze and IR anti-squeeze and anti-collision functions.

> Features 9 combinations of passage modes. You can build the combinations using authorized, prohibited and free for entry and exit.

> Supports configuring the speed it opens and closes, passing time for people, and delaying the closing time.

> Supports second authentication, and memorizing passing data for entry and exit.

> Supports combining multiple authentication methods together such as face, fingerprint, and QR code to create a variety of authentication methods.

> A barrier matching the width of the passage needs to be purchased separately. The barrier is not included in the package.

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  • System

    Main Processor

    Embedded Processor


    Product Type

    Swing turnstile


    Brushless servo motor

    Status Indicator Light

    Blue light glows: Standby status.
    Red light flashes: Device anomaly.
    Green light glows: Authenticated.
    Green light flashes: Passage is allowed.



    8 million times

    Passage Width

    600mm (23.62")

    Max Custom Passage Width

    900 mm (35.43") (Tempered glass/Acrylic)

    Input Port


    Passing Speed

    Normally closed: 20–35 people/minute

    Unlock/Lock Speed

    0.8 s–1.5 s, with 1.2 s by default.

    Pairs of IR Detectors

    12 pairs

    Top Cover Thickness

    12 mm (0.47")

    Frame Thickness

    2 mm (0.08")

    Barrier Thickness

    10 mm (0.39")


    Network Port

    1 × 10/100 Mbps self-adaptive Ethernet port


    Power Supply

    100–240 VAC, 50/60 Hz

    Vandal-proof Rating

    Artificial stone, stainless steel: IK07, swiping card panel: IK04

    Power Consumption

    ≤50 W (standby), ≤300 W (working)

    Product Dimensions

    Single-motor: 1500 mm × 150 mm × 1000 mm (59.06" × 5.91" × 39.37") (L × W × H)
    Double-motor: 1500 mm × 280 mm × 1000 mm (59.06" × 11.02" × 39.37") (L × W × H)

    Gross Weight

    Single-motor: 120 kg (264.55 lb)
    Double-motor: 130 kg (286.60 lb)

    Operating Environment


    Anti-corrosion Level

    Basic Protection