High Precision

  • RVF Technology: Radar and vision fusion

    • The three-dimensional radar coordinate system is deeply integrated with the videos to provide more dimensional metadata, so as to ensure more accurate speed measurement and image capturing.

    • Visual display shows the complete movement path of the vehicle in one page through RVF technology.

    • Compared with traditional equipment on the market that can only measure instantaneous speed, the Spotter Series can ensure more effective and more accurate speed measurement by analyzing and comparing the collected data within a certain distance.

  • Deep Learning Algorithm: Innovative traffic algorithm

    • Vehicle Metadata:
    ANPR, Vehicle Color/Model/Logo

    • Traffic Violation Detection:
    Wrong-way Driving, Overspeeding, Underspeeding, Crossing Solid Line, Illegal Lane Changing, Illegal Turn, Phone Use While Driving, Smoking, Not Wearing Seatbelt/Helmet, Beating The Red Light, Traffic Congestion

    • High Accuracy:
    Capture rate: >99%; LPR Accuracy: >98%

  • Doppler Radar: Higher accuracy and wider coverage

    • Speed Range: 5-300 km/h
    • Speed Measurement Error: ± 2%
    • Detection Target: up to 128
    • Lane Coverage: 4/6/8 (optional)

  • Spotter Series
  • ITC
  • Supplement Lights
  • Traffic Sensors
  • ITS Terminal
  • Traffic Signal Controller and Traffic Light
  • Accessories
  • Spotter Sky
  • Spotter Mobile


16MP All-in-one IR AI Traffic Camera


16MP All-in-one IR AI Traffic Camera


Dahua 9MP Radar Video Camera


Dahua 9MP Radar Video Camera


Dahua 9MP Radar Video Camera


Dahua 9MP Radar Video Camera


Dahua 16MP Radar Video Camera


Dahua 16MP Radar Video Camera