Privacy Protection +

What is Privacy Protection +?

Privacy Protection is designed to protect the privacy and data of human face and body. It is based on deep learning algorithm and complies with GDPR. The concept of Privacy Protection + means Privacy Protection could be enabled simultaneously with multiple AI functions, such as PPE, Video Metadata, People Counting, IVS, Face Detection and Face Recognition based powerful chips and fusion algorithms. It suits more complex scenes and can provide users with more valuable intelligent data and analysis.



  • Front-end Real-time Mosaic

    Cameras can cover targets like human faces and bodies with mosaics in real time, even though they are moving. Videos with or without mosaics can be both replayed and exported on NVR.
  • Privacy Protection + AI Functions

    Privacy Protection can be enabled simultaneously with AI functions such as Video Metadata, PPE Detection, People Counting, IVS, etc.
  • Free Mosaic on Selected Targets

    Specified human targets can be selected to be or not to be covered by mosaics, which is helpful in evidence collection while protecting others’ privacy.
  • Irregular Black Block Masking

    In the privacy masking function, except for regular mosaic, irregular black block masking is also supported by cameras. It is ideal for wide-range scenarios and could meet various needs.

Typical Scenario

  • Courtroom

    Through the privacy protection system, the witnesses who testify in the witness room are automatically masked with real-time mosaic to protect their privacy and security. It encourages witnesses to testify in court and saves administrator’s time from the heavy manual work of privacy masking.

  • Nursing Home
    Nursing Home

    In nursing homes, sensitive areas such as bedrooms are not suitable for direct monitoring. With the privacy protection solution, sensitive areas can be coded by camera, which not only protects the safety of the elderly, but also reduces the labor cost of medical staff.