Hydrological Detection

What is Parking Hydrological Detection?

Based on self-developed algorithms, Hydrological Monitoring is mainly used in areas with water, including rivers, seas and lakes . The application mainly includes three parts, water level detection, boat detection and floating objects detection, and the current application is mainly used for hydrological management and analysis.



  • Water Level Detection

    With advanced algorithm, water level can be read automatically and precisely all time around. By powerful zoom, results can be captured even at long distance, which saves time and increases working efficiency.
  • Boat Detection

    With boat detection algorithm, boats can be located easily. When boats trigger alarms, speed dome can quickly zoom in to clearly present details
  • Floating Objects Detection

    In some scenarios such as dam, hydropower station, etc., floating objects will cause barrage and environmental pollution,this function can effectively detect exception and alarm immediately

Typical Scenario

  • Marine Aquaculture
    Marine Aquaculture

  • River