PPE Detection

What is PPE Detection?

Dahua PPE Detection technology with deep learning algorithm can detect and capture images of personal protective equipment in the site and can trigger alarms accordingly. Nine attributes that can be detected include hats, work wear, mask, etc. The value is to reduce the input of safety management personnel and improve employee safety at work.



  • PPE Detection

    In addition to supporting hats , safety vests, clothing color property, masks by front & back intelligence, the front intelligence also adds detection attributes such as apron, gloves, shoe cover, boots, seatbelt.
  • Custom Training

    Supports to import workwear images as the base library for localized modeling, training and comparison. Supports several workwear types and offers flexible and convenient operation.
  • Quick Target Location

    Efficiently search specified targets using different detection rules

Typical Scenario

  • Construction Site
    Construction Site

    There are a number of construction sites in the smart building, including smart residential, smart office buildings, and parks. These construction sites are full of extra large equipment, and sometimes even hazardous substances. Employees need to wear personal protective equipment at all times to ensure safety.

  • Plant

    There are a number of industrial plants in the energy industry, including refinery plant, chemical plant, and power plant. All personnel must wear helmet and proper work clothes to ensure safety, which could reduce the input of safety management personnel and improve work safety of employees.