Dahua Installed Outdoor LED Screens at Hangzhou’s New Landmark


Hangzhou Arch, the tallest building in Hangzhou located in the core area of Hangzhou High-Tech Zone (Binjiang), has become a new landmark of the city's urban landscape. With its outstanding technology and innovation capabilities, Dahua Technology has comprehensively accomplished and delivered the outdoor LED display project for the Hangzhou Arch. The project was completed in 60 days and installed a large-scale outdoor LED display of over 1,000 square meters.

The screen is composed of five different curved surfaces with a viewing angle of over 120°, making it ideal for multi-directional viewing. In terms of performance, the LED screen features high refresh rates, high contrast, and a wide color gamut, providing viewers with high-definition picture quality. Additionally, the standard size of the screen (module: 320 x 160; box: 960 x 960) and uniform hole position enable an easy and convenient installation. The dual-layer waterproof surface and IP65 protection rating of the module make the overall performance more stable. What’s more, the module supports low voltage power supply, which helps reduce the overall power consumption and promote low-carbon operation of the equipment.

Dahua Technology provides integrated full-chain services ranging from product R&D and supply chain manufacturing, up to the project construction and commissioning, comprehensively building a "technology + product + service" matrix to efficiently optimize the industrial chain. Dahua’s outdoor LED screen extends the visual space at the Hangzhou Arch and enhances people’s immersive experience. Dahua not only delivers a personalized experience that allows user engagement in the scene, but also brings new motivation for the industry's development in the future.