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Inovação Tecnológica | Alta Qualidade | Solução End-to-End


6MP Câmera de Captura de Imagens de Tráfego

>ANPR E-police all-in-one camera
>Built-in HD camera (built-in polarization mirror switching module), connecting terminal, easy to install and debug
>High performance CCD image sensor, high color reduction degree, high sensitivity
>Adopt high performance Image Signal Processing (ISP)
>Adopt H.264 standard HD Video Format and 25fps HD Video Frame Rate
>Embedded integration component design, built-in a variety of algorithms, such as license plate recognition, color recognition, velocity measurement by video and so on
>Precise synchronization signal input and output control
>Rich variety of signal, data and communication interface
>Embedded lamp, cooling-fan, heater, anti-thunder to make the installation easier
>Saving 30% power consumption compared to traditional solutions
>Built-in thunder-proof module to prevent being struck by lightning
>Temperature -40°C~+80°C, Humidity 10%~90%, suitable for the rough work scene
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  • Technical Data

    Image Sensor

    1 progressive CCD

    Max. Resolution

    6.8MP, 3392 (H) ×2008 (V)


    C-Model. Automatic control (P-IRIS drive)

    Video Frame

    Up to 25 fps

    Camera Speed Shutter

    1/25~ 1/100000


    Auto ICR (with polarized lens and infrared filter)


    White /IR light (IR distance 25m)

    Video Signal Interface

    1 ×CVBS port and 2 ×100/1000M Ethernet port

    Digital I/O

    2 Relay output – 1 optical coupling input – 8 optical coupling input

    Extra Interface

    2 ×Mini USB and 1 ×SD interface

    Speed Range




    AC 90~265V, Max. 87W w/o adapter(Camera: Max. 15W, LED Lamp: Max. 6W,Fan: Max. 16W, Heater Max. 50W)



    Ingress Protection


    Working Environment

    Temperature -40°C~+80°C, Humidity 10%~90%

    Software Features

    License Plate Recognition (LPR)


    Monitor Lane

    1-3 lanes

    Video Compression

    H.264H, H.264M, H.264B, MJEPG

    Remote control function

    Configure through WEB client

    OSD information superimposed

    Information of the picture includes time and place (channel address), lane information (number,/direction), plate information(license plate and color), vehicle information (speed, vehicle length, body color and the type of vehicle), illegal (illegal event name and the illegal code) and so on.

    Image Records Tamper-resistance

    Video/Image with watermark tech and check function