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>Dual controller architecture, ensure the system reliability
>64-bit high-performance multi-core processors, ensure the massive data processing stability
>Modular、poll-out、Cablese Design,keep system easy-maintainability
>Support SAS multiple cascade,external SAS interface bandwidth bi-directional 192Gbps,ensure the system storage capacity expansibility
>24 HDDs in Single device,single system up to 240 HDDs, capacity up to 1440TB
>Up to 10-1000Mbps Ethernet ports,and 4-10000Mbps Ethernet ports
>Internal backboard bandwidth bi-directional 288Gbps
>Support 3.5 inch,2.5inch SAS/SATA(1T、2T、3T、4T、6T),Support mixed different capacity HDDs
>Support HDD hot-swap, online replacement, online expand
>Support standard iSCSI protocol storage and video stream direct storage
>Under video stream direct storage mode,support 1536Mbps video storage; support 128Mbps network playback
>Under video stream transmit mode,support 4096Mbps front-end access; 4096Mbps network transmit
>Under IPSAN working mode,storage bandwidth ≥3.6Gbps
>Support RAID0、1、5、6、10、50、60、JBOD、hot standby,ensure the data storage safety
>Support standard protocol such as Onvif、GB28181,ensure the front-end compatibility from different manufacturer
>Adopts WEB configuration, easy to setup
>Software and hardware optimization aim at monitoring field,Supporting other monitoring products form a complete solution
>Completely standard equipment, compatible with various software platform

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  • Model EVS7024S-R
    Controller Single Controller
    Memory 8G Standard,up to 16G
    SAS interface 2 SAS interfaces
    1000 Mbps Ethernet port 1 management port,4 data port
    Expansion 4-1000Mbps Ethernet port or 2-10000Mbps Ethernet port
    USB 1 USB3.0
    Multiplex interface 1 USB2.0 and eSATA multiplex interface
    Serial 1 RS232,1 RS485
    Alarm 4/4 channel In/Out
    HDD compatibility Support 1TB / 2TB / 3TB / 4TB / 6TB HDD
    Support mixed SAS and SATA HDDs,support SSD & 2.5 inch HDD
    Power redundant Dual power supply redundant
    Main processor 64 - bit high-performance multi-core processors
    Operating System Embedded LINUX
    User interface WEB
    IPSAN mode Support IPSAN direct storage
    IPSAN function Support logic volume dynamic online expansion
    Video stream mode Support RTP/RTCP/RTSP/UDP/HTTP/NTP/SNMP/iSCSI/SMB/NFS/FTP protocol
    Network protocol Support RTP/RTCP/RTSP/UDP/HTTP/NTP/SNMP/iSCSI/SMB/NFS/FTP protocol
    Streaming media protocol Support access protocol such as Onvif,GB28181
    Frame extracting storage Support frame extracting storage,time and frame extracting rate can be settled
    Cluster service Support N+M cluster
    Performance index Up to 768ch(1536Mbps) front-end access、storage、transmit,64ch(128Mbps)network playback
    Hard disk 24 HDDs, expandable up to 240 HDDs
    HDD install Independent HDD holder
    HDD Hot Standby support hot-swappable, on-line replacement
    HDD using mode Single HDD、RAID0、1、5、6、10、50、60、JBOD、Hot-Spare(Hot Standby)
    HDD management Non-working HDD sleep, in favor of heat dissipation and power consumption reduction, prolong life-span of HDD
    HDD processing Support HDD bad tracks mapping,prolong life-span of HDD
    HDD status inspection Support HDD preview before use、periodic inspection during use
    One-click RAID RAID Support one-click set RAID immediately
    RAID set-and-play RAID can be used directly after settled
    RAID reset Support adjust RAID reset speed dynamically,ensure system load balance
    RAID write synchronous Support RAID write synchronous, ensure to data safety
    Video playback Support WEB-client video playback;support search by second; adjustable playback speed
    Port property Support Ethernet-port binding or mode such as load balance, fault-tolerant
    Power supply 100V~240V,47~63Hz,support hot-swap
    Fan DC 12V,1.5A, flabellum diameter:80mm,support hot-swap
    Power Consumption 200-400W(include HDD)
    Working temperature 0℃~40℃
    Working Humidity 10%~80%(non-condensation)
    Storage Temperature -20℃~70℃
    Storage Humidity 5%~90%(non-condensation)
    Working Elevation -60m~5000m
    Chassis Hot-dip galvanized steel sheet(1.2mm thickened) High-precise aluminum alloy slide Self-patent drawer-type HDD rack
    Dimension(W×D×H) 494mm*483mm*175mm (with lug)
    Weight 27Kg(exclude external packing, exclude HDD)
    Mounting 19 feet standard rack-mounted