Initialization and Password reset for Networking Cameras V1


In order to strengthen device security and ensure the safety of user information, new firmware on Dahua devices will feature initialization and password reset functions. When using networking cameras for the first time, users will need to initialize the device with a strong password. Users who have forgotten their password can reset it through email verification.

Initialization:At the first time to use the device, a compulsory strong password setting is needed, and an user email address setting for password reset is recommended.The password ranges from 8 to 32 digitals. It can contain letters, numbers and special characters (excluding “'”,“"”,“;”,“:”,“&”) . The password shall contain at least two categories. The operation steps refer to attachment.

Password Reset: If password is forgotten, users can reset the password by the following method(for admin only):

QR code: Use Easy4ip or DMSS to scan the reset QR code and your email set before will receive the security code. Input the security code to reset the password of admin.