“A Fit Employee Force is a Smiling Army Taking the Organization Towards Victory”

The game ‘Cricket’ is not just a mere sport in India but it is a feeling which resides in every Indian, a culture which the younger generation follows, a reason to celebrate with everyone and our road which definitely ends on Happiness.

This spine-chilling sporting activity not just takes us on a roller-coaster ride of happy and sad moments but also a definite source of adrenaline rush leaving us on the edge of excitement and frenzy.

Dahua Technology India Private Limited has always supported various Cricket Tournament activities on a PAN India basis and regularly sponsors them as well. But this time, the organization made the pitch ready for their employees.

In order to impart a healthier lifestyle and ignite a spark in the cricket lovers again, Dahua Technology India Private Limited took the initiative and decided to organize “Dahua Premier League” Cricket Tournament.

On being just asked about the activity got such an awe-inspiring response from the Head Office’s Employees which made the management to organize it on a bigger level.

The Human Resource department took the initiative and organized a joint meeting with all the Heads of the Departments to get the teams ready. the combined committee took this towards accomplishment and asked for the suggestions and wishes from the employees.

Soon the announcement poster got published in the internal employee groups about the registration and, within some days, the committee’s inbox was flooded with requests.

The department swung into action and arranged the employees into teams.

The Dahua Premier League consisted of 4 Teams namely:

·      Service & Delivery Mavericks

·      Product & Solutions Samurais

·      Sales Topliners

·      Support Panthers

The committee started searching for playground options and soon got the location locked for the tournament.

The series was held on June 10th from 3 PM onwards at Ruhaan Sports & Dy Management Sports, Sector – 63, Gurugram.

While the employees had already started in getting their strategies and playing gears ready, the final team list with the player’s name and dress-code got released in the internal groups.

The committee made sure that the game should be played with true spirit and within the guidelines, a rule book was also released along with the announcement.

All the team’s members reached the Head Office first and headed towards the venue.

A total of 3 matches were supposed to be played. The stage was set, players were in their extreme spirit and the heroism was about to be shown.

While The first match was played between Support Panthers & Service and Delivery Mavericks in which Support Panthers showed unexcelled performance and defeated Delivery Mavericks by 10 runs. Mr. Hardik Buddhiraja became the Man of the Match.

The second match was played between Product & Solutions Samurais and Sales Topliners in which Topliners made a nail-biting victory by 7 wickets. Mr. Ashish Negi bagged the Man of the Match Title.

Support Panthers and Sales Topliners were face to face for the finals and Support Panthers took the Winning title with a big margin as the Sales Topliners was defeated by 41 runs. Mr. Sandeep Singh was on the sunny side as he was the Man of the Match for the finals and Man of the Tournament for the series.

Mr. Frank and Mr. Tony along with the other members from the Management distributed the gifts and trophies to the winning team and star performers. Mr. Frank applauded the sportsmanship of all the players and assured that such activities will be conducted on a regular basis.

After sharing a quick refreshment time and an entertaining DPL series, all the Dahua members left for the day with golden memories.

Lets have some more glimpses of wonderful memory we have created.