Dahua HDCVI 6.0 Boasts 4K Real-time & Advanced AI Capabilities


HANGZHOU, China /February 06, 2020 Dahua Technology, a world leading video-centric smart IoT solution and service provider, takes a step forward with its self-developed and patented HDCVI technology. A longtime leader in the realm of HDCVI that offers great convenience, best quality and least cost, Dahua Technology launches HDCVI 6.0, boasting industry's first 4K real-time and advanced AI capabilities.


According to IHS report, a 4K security camera is a security camera that is capable of outputting 3840*2160 with a frame rate of at least 24 FPS. A couple of years ago, the industry went through technical challenges when moving from standard definition to high definition video, since then the demand for HD resolution cameras grew rapidly. It is expected that 4K video surveillance cameras to follow a similar pattern.

In 2012, Dahua Technology introduced the industry-leading HDCVI Technology, and since then it continues to enhance the technology leadership by bringing state-of-the-art performance in terms of resolution, intelligence and usability to the HDCVI community. In 2020, Dahua Technology takes HDCVI to the 6.0 era. HDCVI technology architecture overcame the common bottleneck of transmission bandwidth to achieve ultra-high resolution of 4K@25/30fps video previously only available on IPC. This is a major breakthrough to extend the potential of HDCVI in future.

The HDCVI 6.0 Era

The newly released 1800 series products support 4K real-time Ultra HD image acquisition and back-end XVR storage, providing a superior visual experience in which tiny details are captured in better clarity within a large monitoring coverage. Its competitive pricing promotes the global inclusivity of 4K technology. In addition, 1800 series camerais optional with built-in mic, which allows audio-over coax transmission with a broadcast-quality audio.

With outstanding compatibility, this series also support self-adaptive output, enabling the 1800 series to work with 4K real-time XVRs to achieve 30fps output, and also any 4K XVR to achieve 15fps output, to protect the existing investment.

To accelerate the AI adoption, the new 4K real-time XVR are equipped with Enhanced AI, a number of deep-learning powered functionalities such as SMD Plus, Perimeter Protection, Face Recognition and Metadata Search, that focus on human and vehicle, providing intelligence, simplicity and inclusivity to users. Its benefits include: accurate prediction before an event; instant deterrence during an event; quick target search after an event; storage saving while ensuring target details, and privacy protection and defense against attacks.

While offering abundant functionalities, HDCVI 6.0 also ensures high-level of cyber security using encryption algorithms that are certified by TÜV Rheinland and UL (Underwriters Laboratories).

The new XVR is compatible with all existing HDCVI/TVI/AHD cameras, meanwhile, it also supports CVBS and IP cameras. All these enable a more convenient and cost-effective upgrade from existing systems. The installation, configuration, operation and maintenance of HDCVI 6.0 equipment are the same as before, preserving the plug & play convenience of analog video system.

With the upgrading of the products to 4K real-time and AI, the storage might become much more costly. To address this issue, Dahua Technology will soon release AI Coding, which takes video compression to a new level of content-awareness. It puts emphasis on human and vehicle while encoding, significantly improving the streaming quality compared with H.265. At the same time, AI Coding also reduces the bit rate when there is no real target in sight, allowing efficient handling of videos to save HDD storage cost.

The comprehensive offering of HDCVI 6.0 matches up very well to the IP equivalent. Customers can choose the most suitable system for their sites without being constrained to IP only. The easy configuration and operation of HDCVI save considerable labor cost.


With abundant functionalities, HDCVI 6.0 enjoys a wide range of applicable scenarios.

Firstly, situations in which UHD resolution of surveillance is required, such as casinos, vaults, labs and museums. The high clarity of surveillance video comes from high stakes, meaning it is of utmost importance to catch every detail in real time and play back, thus to prevent unwanted behaviors and retain the unquestionable visual evidence.

Secondly, places crowded with people and vehicle, such as major cross roads, entrance of campus or industry zones, shopping malls, parking lots, etc. With HDCVI 6.0, it’s much easier to find a guy or a car since AI can automatically trace features of the target in the long recording. This can be very beneficial during evidence obtaining procedure.

Thirdly, places where you want to set your own rules and making your own block/allow list, such as a luxury store or your own private house. HDCVI 6.0 will respond spontaneously according to the visual information it captured and analyzed/cross-checked, to trigger the alarm for the block listed or send a tailored welcome to VIP customers. HDCVI 6.0 also allows two-way talk in broadcast quality audio.


HDCVI 6.0, a part of Dahua Technology 2020 core product launch, brings unparalleled experience with security, convenience and intelligence, protecting the investment of HDCVI customers. New products will be introduced throughout the year in 2020 to implement the HDCVI 6.0 framework. Follow us on LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter to get first-hand information on new product releases.