Dahua Delivers Complete Solution For Pengsheng Industrial Park in Uzbekistan

Pengsheng Industrial Park is the first investment project by a Chinese private enterprise in Uzbekistan that has been acknowledged and ratified by the governments of the two countries. Located in Uzbekistan's Sirdaryo state, the Pengsheng Industrial Park is the biggest non-energy cooperation project between China and the Central Asian country. At present, there are over 10 workshops covering various fields with a total number of more than 1,500 employees. As a model project of China-Uzbekistan cooperation, it has contributed a large number of job opportunities and high output value for local economic development.

Dahua Video Surveillance Systems Monitoring the Park Entrance

The expansion of the production scale of the park brought inconvenience to management and the current simple front-end camera plus back-end storage video surveillance system cannot meet the growing production management and modern monitoring needs any more.

Dahua provided the park with a customized complete, high-end monitoring system that contain over 500 HD cameras, 100 IP cameras, central management, central storage, third-party contact as well as display and control system all around factory, fence, outdoor and indoor areas to protect the whole park. To better secure the access between the network of video surveillance system, the data is gathered from front-end devices by PON transmission to establish looped network for video surveillance to ensure reliability.

Field Installation                                    Fence Monitoring


This project is the first general contracted project with great significance in Uzbekistan. Dahua is not only the supplier of the equipment, but also responsible for the whole project life cycle including construction, delivery, system documentation, technical support, operation training and long-term maintenance. Our solutions have effectively reduced the difficulty during production process, which greatly improved the management efficiency for customers. In the future, Dahua will continue to provide more advanced technology solutions such as face recognition, personnel and vehicle management IT systems, industrial machine vision, etc for the Peng Sheng industrial Park.