What is All-NEW PTZ ?

All-NEW PTZ is short for "AI In Enhanced WizSense PTZ". Since 2024, the Wizsense Series has undergone annual upgrades in software, hardware, and packaging. The artificial intelligence software upgrade represents a significant breakthrough, encompassing a series of products that previously did not support AI technology. Now, these products fully integrate the latest AI technology as well as updates and iterations based on existing AI technology.

Key Features

  • Auto Patrol

    With Auto Patrol, the PTZ camera automatically performs key preset point patrols, mimicking the actions of security personnel. When the intelligent Video Surveillance (IVS) rules for human or vehicle target detection is triggered, the camera swiftly moves to the preset points for a thorough check. This helps identify potential dangers or abnormal situations, significantly reducing the workload of security personnel during manual patrols.

  • AcuPick

    Dahua’s AcuPick is realized by effectively utilizing both front-end and back-end intelligence. The AcuPick technology is a real video search engine that can quickly locate information. Use it to find a lost individual, locate a specific vehicle, or gather evidence for a property damage incident.

  • Construction Detection

    Construction Detection function utilizes AI technology to ensure safe operation and work progress.

    Lone Working Detection
    Detects if only one person is working for a two or more people needed scene for a sustained period.
    PPE Detection
    Supports the real-time detection of wearing state of personnel in the area, and support attribute detection of hats (including safety helmets), masks, workwears, and shoe covers.
    Off-duty Detection
    Detects if no worker on the screen for a sustained period.

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