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Human Entrance / Exit

Multiple Access Methods For Residents

Scenario Challenges

  • Forgot the card

  • Forgot the password

  • Inconvenient to open the door in rainy days or when carrying heavy objects

Solution Highlights

  • Face
  • Password
  • Finger Print
  • Mifare Card

Multiple access methods:

• Easily opens fence entrance using card, PIN, fingerprint or face image. It can also keep strangers and unwanted guests outside with the help of access control system.

Quick passage:

• Residents can open the door automatically through face recognition, significantly reducing passage time.

Efficient Visitor Management

Scenario Challenges

  • Thieves

  • Salespeople

Solution Highlights

  • Remote Unlocking

    Via Mobile App

  • Allowlist
  • Barrier Control

Efficient visitor management:

• Checks visitor’s information and opens the door through VTO & VTS.

Effective communication with visitors:

• Allows answering calls and remote door unlocking via Mobile App.

• Visitors can also leave video messages for the resident.

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