Dahua Full-color Cube: Unlock Color Magic!


April 19, 2023

Dahua Technology, a world-leading video-centric AIoT solution and service provider, has recently launched the Full-color Cube and the latest Full-color product line up this year. With Full-color and Smart Dual Light at its core, this innovative concept will surely pique the interest of every tech-savvy enthusiasts out there. To give us more details about the Full-color Cube, here’s Mr. Eaden Xie, Product Manager at Dahua Technology.

Hello Eaden! What makes Dahua’s Full-color family stand out?

Hi! Since we first proposed the concept of Full-color in 2018, and after nearly 5 years of development and exploration, its product system has been constantly growing, covering both high-end and entry-level products. In terms of product dimension, we have the industry-leading 4K ultra-high resolution Full-color cameras with 1/1.2 " super large size CMOS. It presents excellent HD images and color image output even in environments with low illumination. We also have Full-color Duo products that can cover up to 180° field of view. It not only can achieve panoramic color monitoring under low light conditions, but can also track and zoom in on the target to see more details. The TiOC is also a star product in our full-color family. Through integration with various technologies, it provides users with comprehensive security protection.

Can you please introduce the “magic” behind this year’s Full-color Cube?

Of course. The inner core of this ever-growing technological cube is Full-color LED and Smart Dual Light technology. This year, we have combined them with Duo and PT cameras to achieve colorful panoramic experience. In addition, using our latest TiOC series, we have integrated Smart Dual Light with AI and Active Deterrence to provide full-time protection before, during or after an event. Our newly released and upcoming products also include the Vari-focal Camera Series and the TiOC DUO Series.

How can the integration of Full-color and Smart Dual Light technology further benefit end users?

Full-color can realize 24/7 colorful monitoring. In some environments with poor lighting, it is necessary to constantly turn on the warm light of the camera to clearly see the monitored scene. The Smart Dual Light feature switches the illumination mode to colored one only when the person appears in the monitored area, and switches to infrared light after the target leaves. This mode not only can record events with color images, but can also minimize the use of warm light to help reduce the light pollution in the area and avoid light disturbance in the neighborhood.

What are the main benefits/features of Full-color Duo?

Utilizing Dahua’s advanced pixel-level metadata fusion algorithm, the Full-color Duo outputs a 180° wide-angle full-color image after combining two videos via ISP processing. This camera uses two F1.0 lenses with large aperture, which provides 2.5 times light intake than traditional F1.6 aperture. It also has two 1/1.8 "large size CMOS sensors that significantly increase the sensitivity area by 110% compared to traditional 1/2.8" sensor. EPTZ is another main feature of this camera. It can track multiple objects and electronically magnify them, allowing users to see details while maintaining panoramic surveillance. What’s more, its ultra-high 4K resolution ensures a clear image even when enlarged.

For the Dahua PT Series cameras, can you tell us more about its benefits and features?

Sure. For starters, this series supports horizontal and vertical rotation, with horizontal rotation covering up to 360° field of vision. Let me further break it down for you. The PT + Full-color series can cover the whole scene with color images and with reduced blind sports. This series also has mounting brackets for wall mount and top mount, and with the PT function of the camera, it offers flexible operation and easy installation. The cameras can also be remotely viewed and managed via a mobile app. They support pickup, audio and video recording as well. On the other hand, the PT + Smart Dual Light series, as its name suggests, utilizes Smart Dual Light technology to record key full-color events, and supports remote rotation (to view the abnormal condition of the event’s surrounding) and remote management.

What does TiOC stand for? What are the 3 technologies it offers?

TiOC stands for Three-in-One Camera. It offers full-time protection before, during, and after an event using the smart and innovative integration of Smart Dual Light, active deterrence, and AI. Before an event, SMD 4.0 and Perimeter Protection Technology can effectively filter out false alarms and focus on the human and vehicle targets. During an event, the Smart Dual Light technology records color images, while red and blue flashing lights and sound alarm deter and drive away intruders. After an event, the Smart Search function can quickly search for footages of human/vehicle targets, which can significantly shorten the investigation and backtracking process.

Regarding the integration of Full-color with Smart Dual Light, Duo, PT and TiOC, how should the user decide which one to get? What factors should they consider?

Well, it depends on the application scenario or where are they going to use it. The Full-color + Duo and Full-color + PT are good for low-light surveillance in large scenes. The Duo series can achieve 180° wide-angle full-color monitoring, which is suitable for school, playground, square, hall, parking lot, etc. The PT cameras can rotate horizontally and vertically, reducing blind spots in the field of vision and making them ideal for retail stores, villas, offices, and more. TiOC is mainly used to deter or warn off unwanted person or vehicle in the monitored scene, which is obviously suitable for private sites such as villas and warehouses. As I mentioned earlier, TiOC can accurately detect targets and warn off intruders in time with its sound and light alarms. It immediately alert users by sending alarm push notifications via the mobile app. For public areas such as fire exits and fire lanes, TiOC can effectively monitor unobstructed zones to enhance public security and cleanliness.

In the future, does Dahua plan to integrate Full-color and Smart Dual Light technology to other cameras?

Actually, the integration of Full-color technology and Smart Dual Light technology with other technologies has become a trend already. For example, we have launched Full-color + 4K, Full-color + Zoom, and Smart Dual Light + Active Deterrence + AI in 2021. And then this year, we introduced Full color + Panorama. As the main core of Full-color Cube, Full-color and Smart Dual Light will continue to be integrated with more and more technologies in the coming years to create more possibilities in the future. Let's wait and see.

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