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May 10, 2023

Dahua’s Privacy Protection is designed to protect the privacy and data of the targets in the monitored scene using real-time mosaic masking. It is based on deep learning algorithm and complies with GDPR. Over the years, Dahua has been continuously innovating and developing this technology in order to accommodate more application scenarios. This year, Dahua released Privacy Protection +, which integrates Privacy Protection technology with various deep learning algorithms.

To know more about Dahua’s Privacy Protection technology and its development milestone, we interviewed Ms. Lisa, Product Manager at Dahua Technology.

Hi Lisa! Why develop the Privacy Protection function?

Hello! Well, nowadays, people pay more and more attention to their Personal Privacy under digital development. For example, The European Parliament passed the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) in 2016, and it came into force in 2018 to supervise organizations that collect, transmit, retain or process personal information. The European Data Protection Agencies (DPA) classify video surveillance as a 'high-risk processing operation' since it monitors public areas on a large scale.

Video surveillance serves as a powerful evidence when disputes occur and an effective way to protect people's safety and property. For example, South Korea has required the installation of monitoring equipment in operating rooms and other places, while the 'Personal Information Protection Act' is also implemented to protect people’s privacy. Under these circumstances, Dahua strives to protect users’ security and privacy while assisting them in conducting business analysis through Privacy Protection +.

Compared to previous versions of Privacy Protection, has Dahua implemented any updates or changes in recent years?

In 2019, we combined Video Metadata and Privacy Protection to realize real-time human face and body mosaic. NVR and DSS Pro support administrators to access recovered videos that can be used as evidence if necessary. In 2021, we provided an additional masking option with irregular black block patterns.

In addition, we incorporated a face recognition algorithm and privacy protection algorithm with the NVR to realize free mosaic of selected people. This year, we developed the concept of Privacy Protection+ that utilizes a powerful chip and fusion algorithms to enable multiple AI functions simultaneously with Privacy Protection. Features include PPE, Video Metadata, People Counting, IVS, Face Detection, and Face Recognition. It suits more complex scenes and provides users with more valuable intelligent data and analysis.

Other companies have Privacy Protection solutions. What advantages does Dahua provide?

Most companies adopt post-processing on a software platform, which means they do mosaic covering after the video is exported instead of applying it on the video in real-time. Dahua's Privacy Protection can realize privacy protection through the camera in real-time to ensure information security from the beginning. Thus, even if the video is misappropriated, people's personal information cannot be identified.

Moreover, Dahua has been developing Privacy Protection solutions since 2019, which were implemented in many global projects in recent years. The company’s R&D team is constantly improving its functions’ effect and adaptability to complex scenes. At present, the deep learning algorithm for Privacy Protection has taken a leading position in the industry.

Can you give an example of an actual, applicable scenario?

In a chain store, users can enable Privacy Protection and People Counting functions simultaneously in the camera. With the Privacy Protection + AI Function mode applied, a mosaic effect can cover customers’ faces or bodies while analyzing customer flow at the same time to provide businesses report for better management. The queuing conditions at the cashier can be monitored to help managers arrange their staff accordingly and improve customer experience. Our Privacy Protection + solution can also be used in the transportation industry, such as subway stations and healthcare fields (e.g. nursing homes). Overall, it is an ideal choice for users that want to protect their property, security and personal information.

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