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“Science and technology for future education”
Dahua Technology actively contributes to the modernization of education and aims to create a safe and intelligence environment for students, teachers and staff. Dahua Smart Education Solution adopts the forefront technology and products with focus on smart campus and smart classroom for the higher education, K12 education and training institution etc.
Smart Classroom
With rapid technology development, digital transformation has changed the society and economy with an ever deepening impact on everyday life. It demonstrated the need for more advanced digital education system.
Smart Campus
Violence of various degrees still exists in schools around the world, It is estimated that about 246 million children and adolescents experience violence in schools every year. Creating a safe environment for students requires multi-dimensional cooperation across society: laws and policies, security implementation, and enhanced prevention awareness. It is important to have better risk management and relevant policies in schools. Administrators of higher education and private schools have high demands for campus management, hoping to improve it with smart technology to create a safer and smarter educational environment.