Capturing Details that Matter with Dahua WizMind Metadata Technology


May 31, 2023

Over the years, metadata has gradually become an important feature in monitoring complex scenarios such as city roads and intersections. Eurostat, the statistical office of the European Union, defines metadata as “information that is needed to be able to use and interpret statistics”. Accurate insights about what’s happening in a scene using automatically generated metadata can significantly aid traffic management, road maintenance and even emergency response. To tell us more about the latest in Dahua WizMind Metadata technology, here’s Mr. Sun Haoran, Product Manager at Dahua Technology.

Hi Mr. Sun! What is Metadata technology? What can it do?

Hello! Metadata is mainly a technology that can extract people and vehicles' attributes in videos, such as colors and types of clothing. At present, CCTV scenarios have become increasingly complex, making it more challenging to find the target with great precision. However, through Dahua WizMind Metadata technology, we can accurately search the target based on their attributes.

Are there any new Dahua WizMind Metadata functions?

Yes, in fact, the Dahua WizMind Metadata has been upgraded to meet more application requirements. New functions include adding a bicycle attribute to non-motor vehicle data and the ability to export data reports based on different directions of people and vehicles. This new features can help us analyze data more effectively.

What are some situations in which the Dahua WizMind Metadata can be useful? How can it help users solve their problems?

In busy traffic scenes, pedestrians, motor vehicles, and non-motor vehicles congregate on or near the road. Through Dahua WizMind Metadata technology, traffic analysis data can help the local traffic department to better manage traffic flow on busy road crossings. By understanding traffic density in different directions, they can control the time for traffic lights and reduce congestion.

What are the unique advantages of Dahua WizMind Metadata functions?

First, Dahua uses a unique algorithm with extraordinary detection speed and accuracy. The detection rate is up to 98%, and the accuracy is up to 95%. Second, the Dahua WizMind Metadata does not require a large workforce or consume material resources compared to the traditional search mode. Users only need to select the corresponding attributes to locate the target quickly.

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