Dahua’s Intelligent Traffic Systems Enhance Road Safety and Traffic Enforcement for a Sustainable Future


October 30, 2023

Dahua Technology’s Intelligent Traffic Systems (ITS) provide a comprehensive solution to improving the safety and efficiency of road systems, detecting traffic violations, monitoring and improving traffic flows and providing real-time information to drivers – further increasing the safety and convenience of road users. Dahua also aims to implement more low-carbon initiatives, promote green living and help cities develop sustainably.

ITS integrates ANPR, traffic violation, traffic flow detection and driver behavior analysis to provide effective traffic enforcement. A typical ITS solution includes:

  • Speed detection to enforce minimum, maximum and average speed limits
  • Red light enforcement to detect drivers running a red light
  • Bus lane enforcement
  • Wrong way driving detection
  • Illegal turns detection
  • Detection of driver behavior violations, such as using a handheld cell phone while driving, or not wearing a seatbelt
  • Traffic signal control and real-time traffic status display

Enhanced Image Quality

Camera systems include precision technology to enhance image performance. SPC technology combats the effects of high levels of ambient light – improving image capture by at least 80% – and illuminating a vehicle’s interior to capture images of driver characteristics and actions.

Glowlight technology delivers clear full-color images in very low levels of illumination. Dahua adopts an advanced GS-CMOS sensor and a high-performance AI processor integrates deep learning algorithms and enhances images using DarkLight technology. As well as optimizing images in a range of light environments, this technology also helps reduce light pollution and energy use, while improving the effectiveness of traffic enforcement. Ultra depth-of-field technology in low light also enables enhanced visibility of license plates up to 35 meters away.

Radar and Video Integration

Another innovative aspect of Dahua’s ITS is RVF (radar and vision fusion) technology. A three-dimensional radar co-ordinate system is integrated with video to provide more dimensional metadata and ensure more accurate speed measurement and image capture. Compared with conventional equipment that can only measure instantaneous speed, RVF ensures more effective and accurate speed measurement by analyzing and comparing the data collected within a certain distance.

Intelligence at the Edge

Dahua’s AI-based enforcement cameras provide edge intelligence, simultaneously supporting violation detection, speed measurement and traffic flow detection. This eliminates the need for intelligent servers and transmission devices, reducing the cost of installing intersection surveillance by at least 80%.

Green Impact to the Environment

This solution presents an integrated design to generate a variety of product forms and meet various needs of customers while minimizing its impact to the environment. This solution adopts advance image fusion technology to help reduce light pollution in the monitored areas. It offers energy-efficient products to help save energy and reduce carbon emissions. It also lessen the number of devices needed in traffic enforcement, thus saving costs while advocating for green urban development.

Key Takeaways

To summarize, the benefits of Dahua’s Intelligent Traffic System include:

Advanced Technology: this includes an industry-leading deep learning algorithm and industry-first SPC and Glowlight Technology to improve sensing accuracy and image quality.

Reliability: the vehicle algorithm has been successfully deployed in more than 100 regions around the world, backed up by Dahua’s reputation in product design, manufacturing and after-sales service.

Flexibility: Dahua is committed to developing customized products and solutions for a whole host of traffic management and regulation scenarios around the world.

Safety: Dahua is a leader in integrated traffic management in terms of accuracy and intelligence. With its integrated products, the company is able to build safer roads for a sustainable future.

Sustainability: This solution helps reduce light pollution and offers energy-efficient devices to help conserve power and reduce carbon emissions.

Dahua provides a range of advanced products and customized solutions to solve traffic challenges. The Intelligent Traffic System can be installed at intersections, on expressways, on bridges and in urban environments. It creates more possibilities for the future development of intelligent transportation systems in cities and towns around the world.

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