Smart Shop Assistant: Getting to Know the Hero Series Cameras


November 23, 2023

Dahua Technology has recently launched its Dahua Wireless Series that is tailored for small and medium sized application scenarios. With adaptable, compact and wireless features, this series of intelligent cameras – consists of Hero, Turret, Picoo, and Bullet– offers simple connection and flexible usage. To tell us more about the Dahua Wireless Series, particularly the Hero Series, here’s Ms. Bai Yang, Product Manager at Dahua.

What is the inspiration and story behind the design of the Hero Series cameras?

The inspiration behind the design of this product came from cute little penguins. A little penguin is usually associated with warmth, so we hope to bring users a homey feeling by designing a penguin-like appearance. In terms of product design, The Hero Series adopts soft and rounded lines, which increases the attractiveness and cuteness of the product. Its side profile gives the impression that the small penguin is enthusiastically flapping its wings, which is amusing and innocent. The design of the camera sphere is also different from the traditional hidden sphere, showing the rotation of the sphere more intuitively and allowing users to sense a more genuine contact with the product.

What kind of customers are you targeting with the Hero camera? How do its features directly address common challenges or pain points faced by consumers in your target market?

The target application scenario of the Hero Series is mainly stores, as the slogan says “Smart Shop Assistant”. The Hero series is a pan tilt camera that can provide 360 ° seamless monitoring, providing customers with more comprehensive and reliable monitoring services.

In stores, monitoring devices often face three problems: 1) Difficult to install: the previous industrial camera has a bunch of screws, now we offer a pack of screws and an adjustment buckle, making it easy to install even if you have never installed a camera; 2) Difficult to debug: the previous monitoring equipment needed to be debugged on the web platform, but now it is operated directly via mobile phones using the DMSS app, with lighting and voice prompts to assist while using it; 3) Difficult and unattractive wiring: monitoring devices often require multiple cables to provide different functions, not mentioning the drilling and wiring complexity that makes it aesthetically unpleasing. Our wireless monitoring devices simply need to be plugged in and it’s good to go.

Can you share any insights on how the product improves the user experience, particularly in terms of its interactive features and benefits?

Sure. First, its various functions are interlinked, and the camera can be panned and tilted through the DMSS app, ensuring that all corners of the scene can be fully monitored. Human detection and auto-tracking help users grasp everything in the monitored area, with real-time notifications sent on their mobile phones to provide information about the area of concern. The Hero Series also supports two-way talk function anytime and anywhere, facilitating remote communication and better monitoring of your store.

Second, the privacy of our users is of paramount importance to us. By using the DMSS app to lower the camera and activate the privacy mode, we can effectively protect users' privacy.

Finally, in conjunction with Dahua's various storage methods: micro SD card, NVR, and cloud storage, users can store data safely and reliably.

Please provide specific examples or scenarios that demonstrate how the product's interactive experience and benefits have positively impacted consumers.

For example, in a coffee shop scene, because of its simple wiring, the Hero Series camera can be placed anywhere in the store. When the shopkeeper goes out, they can rotate the devices through the DMSS app, and the situation of the store can be monitored remotely in real time. The owner can talk to the staff remotely to convey instructions and information.

At night, when the store is closed, the camera can automatically detect an Intruder, and send real-time notifications to the owner’s mobile phone. At this point, users can use the two-way talk function to deter and warn off intruders. In addition, the Hero Series cameras are compact in design and have concealment to avoid damage by others, which can effectively protect and preserve evidence in case of an event. In short, the Hero Series changes people's impression of industrial cameras, which are bulky with complex wiring and fixed points, meeting people's diverse and practical needs in small-scale scenarios.

How does this product align with Dahua's brand values and the overall message that you want to communicate to consumers?

The Hero Series cameras truly align with Dahua's core values of "customer-centric" and its mission of "enabling a safer society and smarter living". We first started from the pain points of users, and then developed this camera afterwards in order to solve these problems. In terms of functions, taking into account the actual usage in small and medium sized scenarios, it is equipped with intelligent functions such as human detection, auto-tracking, and privacy mode, and also offers diversified storage methods. Everything starts with the thorough understanding of our customers.

Are there any upcoming developments, updates, or additional features planned for the product that could interest consumers?

In the future, we plan to develop more models for indoor and outdoor devices. In terms of functionality, the DMSS cloud storage will be released soon. We will also load functions such as pet detection and one-click call app based on new application scenarios. So watch out for those!

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