The Dahua HDCVI 6.0 PLUS in a Nutshell


April 21, 2021

The High Definition Composite Video Interface (HDCVI) has been around for years. First introduced by Dahua Technology in 2012, its primary purpose was to provide high definition video over coaxial cable. Since then, it has been showcased in many international exhibitions, and has been successfully launched in several countries around the world including India, Italy, Argentina, and the Benelux region. Announced by HDcctv Alliance in 2014, the HDCVI technology became a global standard in the HD analogue industry, providing a stringent level of certification among manufacturers. As fruits of its contribution to the industry, the Dahua HDCVI received a number of well-deserved awards including 2014 PROTECTOR AWARD and 2018 a&s Buyer’s Choice Awards, and also became finalist for 2014 Benchmark Innovation Award, 2014 Security & Fire Excellence Award, and 2015 GIT Security Award.

Dahua Vice President Henry Zhang (right) receiving the recognition award for Dahua HDCVI technology handed by HDcctv Alliance Chairman Todd Rockoff (left) in 2014

Over the years, HDCVI has gradually expanded to include a myriad of cutting-edge technologies. Its latest upgrade, the HDCVI 6.0 PLUS, boasts an artillery of intelligent functions that will surely benefit both end users and installers.

Real 5MP

Have you ever experienced image distortion with your traditional 4:3 video output when it is displayed on a monitor with 16:9 aspect ratio? With the popularity of 16:9 widescreen displays nowadays, this loss in image quality due to image stretching has become an emerging issue, especially in the surveillance industry where clear images are crucial in recognizing and identifying targets.

The Dahua HDCVI 6.0 PLUS rectifies this seemingly common problem with its Real 5MP technology. Real 5MP is a leading technology in the HD-over-Coax market that offers 16:9 aspect ratio to better fit common HD display devices. It provides a more refined output with 5MP@25fps (compared to the previous version’s 5MP@20fps) and presents a large field of view (FoV), delivering an enhanced visual experience and allowing accurate recognition of targets in the monitored scene.

Super Adapt

Complex lighting conditions can adversely affect the output quality of a monitoring system. When faced with such issue, installers often have to manually adjust the camera settings just to optimize image performance, thus causing additional time and labor costs.

The Super Adapt technology of the Dahua HDCVI 6.0 PLUS abates this unnecessary manual configuration with its capability to recognize whether the monitored scene is indoor, outdoor, or under wide dynamic range. It can automatically adjust the camera settings (e.g., brightness, color, contrast and white balance) to match the actual scene.

Moreover, this technology captures clear and rich details by enhancing the brightness of dark areas in the scene, a function that is greatly suitable for indoor scenarios. For outdoor scenarios, it avoids overexposure in environments with intense lighting condition, significantly boosting image quality. Its exceptional capability to adapt to various complex lighting conditions makes Super Adapt technology ideal in various application scenarios including doorways, corridors, halls and even windows.

Enhanced AI

The Dahua HDCVI 6.0 PLUS is also equipped with high-performance AI chip and advanced deep-learning algorithm, providing enhanced AI that can accurately recognize human and vehicles. The Cooper-I Series is one great example of Dahua products powered and driven by enhanced AI.

Released in 2021, the Cooper-I series is an entry-level product line that offers cost-effective and AI-enabled solutions, making AI inclusive and available for everyone. It is armed with Smart Motion Detection (SMD) Plus that can accurately recognize human and vehicle targets, and can effectively filter out false alarms caused by irrelevant objects such as small animals, leaves, rain, light, etc. The SMD Plus – when combined with Dahua HDCVI Three-in-One Camera (TiOC) – offers interlinked siren and spotlight to effectively deter and warn off intruders, which can also be turned on/off simultaneously through its one-click arming/disarming function.

In addition, the Cooper-I Series can perform AI Search to locate relevant targets by categories, providing an efficient target search function and eliminating the need to review massive amount of video footages. Also, recording of customized alarm audio is made possible via the DMSS app and can be uploaded to the frontend cameras to provide warnings or greetings based on the application scenario.

Illustration of enhanced AI functions of Dahua HDCVI 6.0 PLUS.


With years of experience and recognitions under its belt, the Dahua HDCVI never cease to amaze its valued customers and partners around the world. Equipped with advanced technologies such as Real 5MP, Super Adapt and enhanced AI, the Dahua HDCVI 6.0 PLUS is leading the over-coax AI evolution by providing intelligent solutions to existing monitoring issues and delivering more value to its customers. With its practical applications in a broad range of monitoring scenarios, there is no doubt that Dahua HDCVI is here to stay for years to come, adhering to Dahua’s mission of “Enabling a safer society, and smarter living.
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