5 Advantages of Using IFPD Devices in Video Conferencing


September 15, 2021

Either for school or for work, you have most likely used traditional projector-whiteboard setup when presenting reports. Besides the stress and nerves, it is most likely accompanied with a handful of technical ordeals such as messy cables, incompatible operating system, projector malfunction, and unperceivable handwriting, just to name a few. Nevertheless, thanks to the continuous development in modern technology, interactive flat panel display (IFPD) devices like the Dahua DeepHub Smart Interactive Whiteboard has emerged in the market to help solve these common video conferencing problems.

What is IFPD?

An IFPD device is a large-format touchscreen display and a type of interactive whiteboard (IWB) that is ideal for meeting rooms and collaborative spaces.

According to the DISCIEN Global IFPD Market Research Report 2020 Q4, the total global shipment of IFPD devices in 2020 has reached 2.17 million, with a YoY increase of 10.2%. In terms of total global sales volume, it has reached 4.07 billion USD with a 6% YoY increase. These data show that IFPD devices are gradually gaining demand and is here to stay for years to come.

The same report also mentioned that the most common application of interactive whiteboards in the overseas market is conferencing. To give you an idea about how IFPD devices can optimize video conferencing, here’s a breakdown of its advantages against the common projector-whiteboard setup – using Dahua DeepHub as an IFPD example.

1. Wireless projection for easy display of information

Let’s face it. Connecting your computer to the projector via VGA cable to display your screen on the white roll-up screen is very inconvenient. Not every computer has VGA port. It also contributes to the already chaotic bundle of cables commonly seen in meeting rooms. What’s more, the display quality tends to be blurry after using the projector for a long period of time.

The Dahua DeepHub supports wireless projection (up to 9 terminals simultaneously) from laptop, tablet, mobile phone, etc. regardless of its operating system. It helps eliminate messy cables and eases up the setup for your presentation. Also, its 4K UHD Direct View LED (DLED) display with anti-glare technology presents clear and vivid images similar to an HD TV.

2. Interactive whiteboard for better collaboration

Zero Air Gap technology reduces reflections and improves readability by removing the air between the touch panel and the LCD module. The Dahua DeepHub is equipped with this technology. It supports tilt sensitivity writing with time delay of only <35ms, providing a fluid writing experience similar to writing on a paper. Plus, it also has multiple intelligent writing modes and allows simultaneous writing of up to 20 points on the screen. A digital shortcut compass is also available for easy navigation.

In addition, this intelligent whiteboard also offers writing tools including pen, eraser, and shapes. It supports smart transcription that recognizes handwritings and transforms them to standard digital text. Imagine how brainstorming would look like with these amazing features!

3. Flexible operating systems for video conferencing

This interactive whiteboard has an optional detachable PC module with Windows OS, which supports mainstream third-party video conferencing software. Its LPH-C models are equipped with built-in 4K camera with up to 104° horizontal FOV and lens distortion of <5%. It also has built-in loudspeaker as well as an array of 8 built-in mics that can cover an omnidirectional radius of up to 8 meters. With these specs, video conferencing using the Dahua DeepHub is almost like having an in-person meeting.

4. Convenient file sharing

We’ve all experienced taking photos of the screen to save a copy of the presentation slide. In some cases, we are allowed to copy it via external USB. The Dahua DeepHub on the other hand, supports file sharing by simply scanning a QR code or via email. Since majority of us are using smartphones, this feature is very handy especially in large meetings and conferences.

5. Enhanced information security

The Dahua DeepHub supports fingerprint lock to make sure that only authorized users can log in to the device. It helps secure internal information and conferencing content to avoid data leaks. Encryption is also available when sharing files. In case of power interruption, its power protection module ensures continuous power supply to prevent data loss.


In a nutshell, an IFPD device like the Dahua DeepHub Smart Interactive Whiteboard is a modern upgrade of the cumbersome and outdated whiteboard-projector setup. With the unprecedented offline-to-online transition of many classrooms and workplaces nowadays, IFPD products are increasingly becoming in demand, as they provide an array of features that can make every meeting and video conference more dynamic and productive.

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