Integrating Third-Party Applications with Dahua Hardware Open Platform (DHOP)


April 20, 2022

The Dahua Hardware Open Platform (DHOP) is an open platform that allows third-party applications to be downloaded and installed on Dahua Network Cameras. On this app, end users can find the right solutions to optimize their security or loT environment. Flexibility is also guaranteed as users can always remove the existing application and upload new solutions.

DHOP is Dahua’s key initiative to integrate with technology partners, system integrators, resellers and end-users, providing an open and win-win ecosystem in the industry. By opening its hardware devices to third party developers, DHOP allows users to embed smart applications for the security and IoT industry. The information about developed solutions is available on the Dahua Application Marketplace. At present, 17 applications have already been uploaded on this platform.

ACIC S.A is one of Dahua’s many technological partners that have integrated their solutions with DHOP. To introduce and showcase their company, here’s Dr. Christophe Parisot, Chief Technology Officer at ACIC S.A. in Belgium.

ACIC is a reputable video analytics company from Belgium. Can you tell us more about your business?

Yes, of course. Since 2003, ACIC has been offering high-performance and innovative solutions for automated video surveillance and intelligent video surveillance. The team of founders of the MULTITEL research center inherited knowledge and technologies from renowned Belgian university laboratories such as UCL and UMONS. Collaborations with these research entities always help to keep ACIC at the cutting edge of technology. We have great experience not only in the public sector, cities, transportation, roads, mobility, and shopping centers, but also in industry, factories and sensitive sites such as atomic research centers, nuclear power plants, ports, airports, etc.

Where did it all start?

It all started in the early 1990s during university research projects in Belgium with the Multitel research center. Solutions and algorithms started to be developed. The results of these researches started to be commercialized in 2003.

In your opinion, how can video analytics contribute to the society?

In our society, there are more and more surveillance cameras. It has become impossible for an operator to monitor them all at the same time. Video analysis and AI make it possible to automate a large part of the usage of these cameras. Both for statistics and data collection and for security. Video analysis can bring added value.

What´s the added value for embedded technologies? Can you tell us more about your ActivityDetection solution?

Embedded video analytics technology has many advantages. It not only reduces installation and hardware costs, but also allows you to have a single failure point. Some models in the Dahua range support on-board ACIC analysis. In the server version, the entire range is compatible.

Our ActivityDetection is a full-feature embedded video analytics solution that is integrated with the DHOP platform and works with WizMind Network Cameras and Dahua Thermal Cameras. It allows multiple simultaneous scenario detections including intrusion in an area, crossing on one or several virtual lines and deposit/withdrawal of objects in a zone. Each scenario can be configured for people, vehicles or user-defined objects.

What trends do you see in the coming years?

In the future, cameras will be increasingly equipped with embedded AI, and all data can be stored in a centralized database. We are moving more and more towards the Smart City model. Cameras will be more autonomous and powerful, and will be able to provide absolute performance with AI.

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