4 Dahua Transmission Solutions Powered by PoE 2.0


May 25, 2022

Power over Ethernet, or simply PoE, refers to any of the several standards or ad hoc systems that pass both electric power and data on twisted-pair Ethernet cabling. It’s a more efficient transmission method compared to ordinary electrical wiring, which only supplies power and requires separate wiring for data. Because PoE transfers both power and data over Ethernet cable, less wiring is necessary, while keeping the electrical wiring intact.

Dahua Technology, a world-leading video-centric smart IoT solution and service provider, has been constantly developing transmission technology and devices based on customer’s application scenarios. Its Power over Ethernet (PoE) 2.0 is specially designed for surveillance transmission. In fact, the entire Dahua PoE switch series has been upgraded to PoE 2.0, which includes practical functionalities such as PoE Watchdog, BT 90W (Red Port), Intelligent PoE and Long Distance PoE Transmission. In 2022, other intelligent features were added such as Green PoE and Perpetual PoE. These artillery of intelligent functions significantly enhance the utility of our switches in surveillance scenarios, making them more convenient to manage and maintain.

In our previous blog, we have discussed how to choose the right transmission device. Knowing the specs suitable to your scenario, considering the features that you need, leveraging Enhanced Power Over Ethernet (ePoE) technology for cost efficiency, and using wireless transmission for harsh environments are some of the mentioned tips that can help you decide which transmission equipment fits your scenario. Now that you have an idea on which transmission device best suits you, let’s check out some transmission solutions that you can deploy based on your actual requirements and needs.

Here are 4 Dahua transmission solutions that you can consider depending on your application scenario:

IP CCTV Solution

The IP CCTV Solution of Dahua transmission products serves as an important bridge that seamlessly connects IP cameras and NVRs in various scenario applications like shopping mall, supermarket, etc. Aside from its three major characteristics (open, standard, scalable), this solution offers unified management, PoE 2.0 power supply, and industrial-grade switch, providing comprehensive network scalability and reliable product quality.

Intelligent Transportation System

Traffic congestion and road safety are a few of the challenges faced by modern transportation on a daily basis. To address this, the Intelligent Transportation System or ITS was designed to achieve safer and more efficient transportation by monitoring and transmitting real-time road condition, enabling operators to act accordingly in case of an unexpected incident.

In addition, the Dahua hardened/industrial switches, with its powerful hardware and software features, can offer higher ESD and surge protection in harsh outdoor environments with wide range of operating temperature, making it an ideal choice for the ITS solution.

Intelligent Building Transmission Solution

With the continuous development of modern technology, video intercom has been widely used in intelligent buildings. The Dahua Video Intercom Systems provide video and voice communications between two or more locations, providing an optimized transmission security. With its industry-grade design, the Dahua transmission products in this solution offer high product reliability and cost-effective performance.

Elevator Solution

Elevator safety is of paramount importance for building owners as it is one of the most accessed amenities in the building. The Dahua Elevator Solution can effectively monitor video transmission inside the elevator. The return link of data can be achieved by utilizing the current property management network or by installing an outdoor wireless device. This solution offers point-to-point application, up to 500-meter transmission distance, TDMA technology and easy installation.

Check out this unboxing video of a Dahua transmission device equipped with PoE 2.0 for more details:

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