Combined Radar & Video Detection Systems Raise Perimeter Protection to a New Level


June 22, 2022

Traditional perimeter intrusion detection systems (PIDS) can be effective but each technology also has its downsides.  Buried cables and fence detection systems are relatively expensive to install, and can suffer from false positives or false negative detections. Even camera based perimeter protection systems can suffer from adverse environmental conditions such as large bodies of water, snow, fog and heavy rain. In addition, some camera systems can be vulnerable to false alarms caused by small animals, leaves and swaying branches.

Dahua’s combined radar and video intrusion detection systems, formally known as Radar Perimeter Protection Solution, overcome many of these problems. Radar (radio detection and ranging) uses radio waves to define the distance, angle and velocity of objects relative to it. It consists of a transmitter producing electromagnetic waves, and a receiver and processor. Radio waves from the transmitter reflect off an object and return to the receiver, providing information on the object’s location and speed.

Multi-dimensional Protection

Dahua’s Radar Perimeter Protection Solution provides a ‘multi-dimensional’ solution. The first ‘dimension’ is security radar, which is used to acquire targets in the monitored area. Once the object is detected, radar can track the target, obtaining data about its speed, heading and distance. The second ‘dimension’ is high resolution and intelligent video.

In essence, the radar detects a moving object while the camera provides video verification of the detection, so that control room operators can obtain a detailed picture of the object detected by tracking and zooming into the target. A third ‘dimension’ of thermal imaging can be added for certain application scenarios such as forest areas, lakes and rivers, and water reservoirs.

The advantages of Radar Perimeter Protection Solution include:

·  24/7 day and night operation even in adverse weather conditions

·  High level of detection accuracy and very low false alarm rates

·  Large and wide area detection

·  Active target detection

·  Smart front-end control supporting linkage of Dahua multiple PTZ cameras to one radar, or multiple radars to one PTZ

·  Centralized configuration and management of the combined radar/video tracking system on Dahua’s DSS Pro platform

Types of System

Radar only system: This is most suitable when detection of perimeter crossing only is needed, especially in applications with frequent perimeter crossings.

Radar with multiple PTZs: Multiple PTZ cameras can be used simultaneously in the monitored area of the radar to carry out linkage tasks. The radar allocates the control of the camera according to the speed and distance of the target entering the monitored area.

Multiple radars with one PTZ: Three or four radars are integrated into a 360-degree area connected to one PTZ camera to realize whatever is detected, saving costs on multiple camera installations.

Dahua’s Radar Perimeter Protection Solution is especially effective in monitoring large areas with multiple activities, such as waterways, critical national infrastructure sites, multiple lane road systems, and large high-end sites such as resorts and parks.


As can be seen, the addition of radar to video technology delivers a powerful detection and surveillance tool which is greater than the sum of its parts. Users of such systems will have the assurance that they have the best solution to protect their sites from unwanted intrusions and activities.

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