Getting to Know The Dahua WizMind Illegal Parking Detection


July 27, 2022

As the quality of living condition increases, the number of people who can afford vehicles also relatively rises over time. This has caused the constant surge of vehicles on the road that drastically exhausts the limited parking spaces in the city, resulting to some parking their car recklessly.

Illegal parking has become a big challenge for transport departments and traffic officers, especially in those cities that up to this day still manually issue parking tickets due to lack of funding for an adequate parking ticket system. The efficiency of manual parking ticket system is often subpar, not mentioning the inability of on-site personnel to be on duty 24/7. The current products on the market are also not capable of detecting/tracking a vehicle under occlusion, preventing these traditional devices from capturing the license plate of the violating car. Implementing an intelligent solution that can alleviate these issues is of paramount importance in order to help maintain an orderly city.

The Dahua WizMind Illegal Parking Detection is a much awaited traffic solution that can effectively solve traffic problems that are rampant on the road. Here’s how:

Warning Sound Deterrent

A warning siren is a new feature of the Dahua WizMind Illegal Parking Detection, and will be available in the upcoming camera model SDT5X425-4Z4-FAJG-PV-0832. When a vehicle parks on a no parking zone, the alarm will be triggered and the warning siren will sound a warning voice audio to deter or warn off the car to leave. This warning sound can be customized by the user on the app. There are two high powered speakers installed on each side of the camera. The independent PTZ enables them to rotate 360° horizontally which sends audible warning to different directions.

Wide Detection Range

This solution supports simultaneous display of both panoramic and detail views on the screen. Both channels of the dual-PTZ camera(SDT5X series)are equipped with illegal parking detection with maximum detection radius of up to 100m. Check out this video to see it in action;

In addition, this feature also has two primary modes:

· Linkage Mode: the panoramic camera runs illegal parking detection while the detail camera zooms in to capture the vehicle when illegal parking event occurs.

· Independent Mode:panoramic camera and detail camera run illegal parking detection separately. The detail camera runs a tour plan to cover different scenarios, and zooms in in to capture the vehicle when illegal parking event occurs in both panoramic and detail views.

Multi-scenario Deployment

Multiple detection modes are also available based on the nature of the scenario:

· Scenario Priority Mode: the camera runs illegal parking detection at the current scenario and will only switch to the next scenario if the time allocated by the tour plan has been reached.

· Detection Priority Mode: while the tour plan has not started yet, the camera will only switch to the next scenario if all snapshots of the illegally parked vehicles in the current scenario have been taken.

· Group Snapshot Mode: before the tour plan begins, the camera will capture a group of snapshots of all vehicles in the current scenario (two pictures by default). When all the snapshots of vehicles have been taken, it will switch to the next scenario. During the tour plan, when the preset time for scenario one is reached, the camera will return to scenario one to capture another set of photos (two images).

Complete Chain of Evidence

License plate number and other violation information can be overlaid on the captured images of the camera, serving as evidence in case of an investigation.

Effective Capturing of Occluded Vehicles

The panoramic camera can monitor every vehicle and forecast their movement path, while the detail camera tracks and captures the occluded vehicle once its license plate becomes visible on the scene.

Optimized Configuration & Installation

The camera is designed to be installed easily with simplified configuration steps, allowing even one person to do and finish the job. This greatly reduces labor costs and significantly improves efficiency.


Overall, the Dahua WizMind Illegal Parking Detection offers an intelligent solution to solve and abate illegal parking problems that were exacerbated by the increase of vehicle ownership in the city. It provides an array of benefits that can help enhance traffic enforcement in various application scenarios including city roads, bus stations, tunnels, expressways, viaducts, fire exits and fire lanes.

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