Immersive Learning in the Classroom with Dahua DeepHub Smart Interactive Whiteboards


August 31, 2022

Traditional methods of learning in classroom settings have several challenges, including poor interaction between students and teachers, and potentially poor visual clarity from some positions in the room.

The Dahua DeepHub smart interactive whiteboard delivers a flexible, multimedia approach to teaching and conferencing, providing participants with an immersive, interactive and content-rich experience. It features wireless projection, whiteboard writing, video conferencing and file management. When connected, it becomes a supersized screen which can be controlled using a stylus or your fingers. The MC470 series even supports gesture control!

The Dahua DeepHub gives teachers and students the ability to interact with content, using hyperlinks or buttons. Teachers are able to highlight specific points in real time, and they or their students can launch applications from the whiteboard itself. Students also feel they are actively participating in the lesson rather than just passively absorbing information, which leads to better concentration, retention of information, and collaboration among students.

Student participation

Interactive whiteboards also allow students themselves to connect to a board, so that they become active participants. Dahua DeepHub also comes into its own when students are being taught remotely, enabling teachers to share their screens with students and appearing in video chats. As the whole interactive lesson can easily be recorded, it is ideal for students who missed a class, or for post-lesson revision.

Dahua DeepHub smart interactive whiteboards feature UHD displays in metal housing, anti-glare tempered glass, multi-source access, instantly switchable Android and Windows operating systems, intelligent writing functions and split-screen display options. They allow for remote annotation and interaction, wireless screen sharing and wireless projection, and are designed to improve the classroom or conference environment in an efficient, engaging way.

The whiteboards come in 65”, 75” and 86” sizes with a 4K display. Smaller size 55” and bigger size 98” are also expected to be available soon. The DeepHub Pro series features superior performance, thanks to a built-in 4K camera, eight-mic array and fingerprint lock. The DeepHub Lite series is competitively priced with a built-in 1080p camera and mic, providing cost-effective performance.

Product highlights include:

· 4K UHD touchscreen: The 65"/75"/86" 4K UHD (DLED display with anti-glare technology) provides sharp images and vivid colors

· Wireless projection: Supports one-tap wireless projection from laptop, tablet, mobile phone, etc., providing convenient and efficient operation

· Intelligent whiteboard: Provides a smooth writing experience with less than 35ms writing time delay and up to 20 points simultaneous writing, making it ideal for idea sharing

· File management: Allows sharing of content by simply scanning a QR code; the shared file can also be encrypted for privacy

· Fingerprint lock: Supports fingerprint lock for authorized access to the device, protecting users’ information security

New for Dahua DeepHub Pro 2022

New features for 2022 include auto-framing, voice tracking, gesture control and handwriting recognition; industry-leading computing power with 8-core SoC, 8Gb DDR RAM and 64Gb storage; Android 11 operation; and easy connection with multi-purpose USB Type-C.

Inheriting intelligent functions of the previous version, DeepHub Pro 2022 also features: 4K display for crystal clear text and 4K UHD content support; Zero Air Gap technology for a better viewing angle, less internal reflection and a better writing experience; easy saving and sharing via QR codes; and wireless projection with multiple devices, reverse screen cast and group screen broadcast.

To learn more about the latest features of Dahua DeepHub, check out this video:

DeepHub is also suitable for business applications such as video conferencing, enabling local and hybrid collaboration for presenting and brainstorming, and can be used in meeting rooms, small huddle spaces, open plan offices and exhibition halls.

Dahua’s interactive whiteboard is designed to provide a content-rich, interactive and stimulating learning experience in schools and colleges, consigning to history conventional whiteboards and other presenting platforms.

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