Anta Group: How Do They Efficiently Manage 12,000+ Stores?


October 13, 2022

As the largest sporting goods company in China, Anta Group has more than 12,000 offline stores in 294 cities across the country, with more than 100,000 employees. Despite its massive scope, Anta can still keep an orderly management of their stores, present neat and cohesive displays, and provide excellent shopping experience to their customers. How do they do it? Let’s check it out.


Just like its corporate mission to integrate the sports spirit of "Going beyond oneself" into everyone's daily life, Anta Group also incorporates the sports spirit into its management, operation, and other business aspects. Anta constantly innovates and embraces new technologies, devoting itself to digital intelligence transformation to achieve the intelligent management of its stores and provide customers with comfortable shopping environment and superb service experience.

Dahua developed the new "SERVICE PLUS" digital intelligence operation concept for Anta. With its powerful digital intelligence capability, it significantly helped standardize Anta’s intelligent retail marketing system nationwide, breaking the gap between tens of thousands of physical stores. It setup an intelligent and hierarchical store management that helps physical shops operate efficiently and develop rapidly while creating a high-quality shopping experience.

Intelligent Transformation: The "Hub" Connecting 12,000+ Stores

Previously, store inspection are done in person. With such a number of stores across the country, this method is undoubtedly costly and time consuming. With the establishment of a visual store operation management network, all videos of each store are gathered at the headquarters. Multiple management tasks can be completed through remote store inspection and evaluation, providing traceable data results and allowing the headquarters to play a central role in store management.

The remote shop inspection enables the headquarters management personnel to quickly grasp the operation status of several stores. When they find problems in the store's sanitation and product placement, they can record the scene in real time and quickly follow up and deal with the situation in time. This helps ensure a comfortable shopping environment and timely service for customers.

Moreover, it also allows managers to quickly manage each store without having to travel to the site. The Dahua solution enables store managers to check the past on-site operation of the store, especially in case of an event. The details can be easily traced through the video recordings to help customers solve issues in a timely manner.

As a result, the Dahua solution has significantly helped Anta Group reduce the management cost of the headquarters by more than 50%.

Furthermore, collecting accurate customer flow statistics used to be a challenge for their store management. Through the professional customer flow statistics camera, accurate customer flow data are collected. The management personnel can intuitively view the number of incoming customers in each store at each time period, which can help them to reasonably arrange staff schedules and ensure that customers get excellent service even during peak hours. Store promotions can also be strategized by comparing customer flow statistics on regular days with relevant store activities.

Establish a Smart "Network" of 20+ Regions

In order to better manage the Anta stores, management is carried out by divisions and hierarchies. In addition to the unified management of the headquarters, different regions need their own management authorization. A region may also have a management structure based on superiors and subordinates, which is often troublesome and complicated.

The Dahua solution reorganizes and integrates the remote store management authority based on the internal organizational structure of the company in order to build a remote management "network". While ensuring the parallel supervision of multiple stores, it realizes clear authority distribution of more than ten management roles. Different management roles can easily check the situation of the stores under their jurisdiction, making business management more targeted and more efficient.

In addition, when managers find any problems through remote shop inspection, they can directly call the corresponding store staff through the front-end device, and immediately correct the fault found to ensure a high-quality shopping environment at all times.

Promote and Accelerate Business Expansion

For newly opened stores all over the country, Dahua provided one-stop scenario-based network and standardized services, which were rapidly replicated by the construction of urban model sites. It offers standardized services for single scenario, multi-scenario, and even cross-domain businesses. Thousands of upgraded stores can fully utilize the existing network of the store and quickly organize various intelligent devices online through wireless access, providing strong technical support for the rapid expansion of the store.

By implementing digital and intelligent management of the headquarters, regional offices, and stores, Dahua helps Anta Group achieve standardized management and operation of their physical stores, providing customers with excellent shopping experience. Moving forward, Dahua will continue to implement scenario-based solutions, delve deeper into business chain scenarios, and help enterprises develop through digital intelligence transformation.

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