Dahua IPC & HDCVI Products Embraces Plastic-free Packaging


Plastic pollution has become one of the most pressing environmental problems the world is facing in today’s modern world. According to the UN Environment Program, an equivalent of one garbage truck of plastic wastes is dumped into our ocean every minute. Out of the 9.2 billion tons of plastics produced from 1950-2017, approximately 7 billion tons became plastic wastes, ending up in landfills or dumped sites. Plastic trash has become so ubiquitous it has prompted more and more companies to review and improve their products in order to help alleviate the global issue.

Dahua adheres to its sustainable development strategies, and makes unremitting efforts to combat plastic pollution and reduce waste disposal costs by implementing high quality, eco-friendly, and sustainable packaging solutions. One of the company’s recent initiatives is the upgrading of its IPC and HDCVI product packaging with plastic-free materials. Dahua uses innovative packaging technology and chooses environmentally-friendly and biodegradable materials to de-plasticize and upgrade its product packaging boxes.

The upgraded outer protective box is coated with water-based protective oil, making it waterproof and moisture-proof. It improves the scratch resistance of the box and eliminates the use of plastic bags to cover it. For IPC products, the plastic film on the product box was removed and replaced with a non-toxic environmentally-friendly polyacrylate. It provides high transparency while maintaining the integrity of the colorful packaging box.

Corrugated paperboard buffer lining is also rolled out across the new packaging boxes of Dahua products. With optimized structure and details, it can effectively replace conventional EPE foam plastic lining, providing lightweight, biodegradable and shock-absorbing material to protect the camera inside.

In addition, the product bag and accessory bag are now made of PLA materials that are 100% biodegradable. PLA materials are sourced from renewable resources and can maintain excellent mechanical strength.

With these eco-friendly packaging upgrades, the size and volume of the HDCVI product packaging was significantly reduced, providing easier storage while maintaining high protection reliability.

This packaging refresh is in line with Dahua’s advocacy for sustainability. The new paperboard packaging made of recycled paper ensures that the materials are biodegradable and can be recycled again. Using eco-friendly materials can help reduce costs of waste disposal as well. Plus, these new camera packaging also underwent several high drop tests to ensure its stability and durability. It can resist up to 1.5 hours of constant intense vibration and repeated drops as high as 1 meter.

To learn more about Dahua’s plastic-free packaging, check out this video:

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