Dahua Technology and FSE Lifestyle Services Forge Strategic Alliance to Boost Smart and Green Living


November 15, 2023 / Hangzhou, China. Dahua Technology, a world-leading AIoT solution and service provider, recently welcomed executives and representatives from FSE Lifestyle Services Limited, a leading lifestyle services company, at its global headquarters. The visit delved into the trend of smart green buildings and the signing of a strategic Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) that aims to comprehensively advance the digitalization and sustainability of infrastructure and lifestyle in Greater China and Southeast Asia.

The signing ceremony was attended by Rocky Poon, CEO and Executive Director of FSE Lifestyle Services, Thomas Soon, Executive Director of FSE Lifestyle Services, Tim Lai, General Manager for Corporate Development of FSE Lifestyle Services, Jason Zhao, Executive President of Dahua Technology, Bob Chen, Vice President of Dahua Technology and President of Global Business, Wilson Wang, General Manager of Dahua Technology HK, as well as other senior executives and representatives from both companies. The memorandum outlines plans for a profound partnership, particularly in the realms of smart building, smart traffic management, EV charging, energy storage and other infrastructure projects.

Jason Zhao stated that Dahua and FSE Lifestyle Services share a common mission and are both committed to creating a safe, convenient, and intelligent living environment through distinctive products and services. He emphasized that over the years, Dahua has developed comprehensive building solutions and service systems for different scenarios through AIoT and other technological capabilities, which not only help real estate and property companies improve operations with reduced costs but also provide residents with convenient digital experiences. In the future, Dahua will continue to assist FSE Lifestyle Services in the digital upgrading of residential areas, industrial parks, logistics, healthcare and other fields, jointly facilitating safe, smart and sustainable communities.

Rocky Poon introduced the development of FSE Lifestyle Services and its business expansion in Greater China and Southeast Asia. He highlighted the successful cooperation history with Dahua and expressed high recognition for Dahua's prominence in utilizing intelligent management methods to accelerate the digital transformation of enterprises. “As a trustworthy partner, our collaboration with Dahua represents a transformative step. By establishing this alliance, we will further explore areas of digital cooperation together, leveraging Dahua’s technological advantages and FSE Lifestyle Services’s rich experience in property and facility management services, city essential services and E&M services, contributing to green living and sustainable development,” he said.

As urbanization continues to accelerate, people have a greater demand for transportation. In particular, the increasing popularity of electric vehicles has created a growing need for parking and charging facilities. At an electric vehicle charging station in the city, the guests had the opportunity to experience first-hand Dahua's intelligent visual management platform and operation services that provide all-around safety protection, including real-time monitoring of potential hazards and early warning features during on-site charging. In addition, Dahua offers integrated solutions for urban parking and charging, which helps parking lots improve operation efficiency and reduce costs while enabling convenient and greener urban transportation.

The visit also included a tour of Zhejiang (Hangzhou) Intellectual Property Innovation Industrial Park, a collaborative initiative between Dahua and Greentown Technology. As a smart park demonstration project, it integrates AIoT equipment and video analysis to achieve digital transformation of park management, which improved efficiency and reduced costs through intelligent operations.

FSE Lifestyle Services Limited is renowned for providing comprehensive "one-stop" professional services in property development, public infrastructure, education, transportation, entertainment, and tourism. Combined with Dahua's project experiences in construction engineering and medical facilities, this alliance will push Dahua and FSE Lifestyle Services to the forefront of the smart building industry and the broader digital transformation landscape, jointly moving towards smart and green living.

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