Elevate Digital Experience with Dahua's Foldable All-in-One Display


March 19, 2024 / Hangzhou, China. Dahua Technology, a world-leading video-centric AIoT solution and service provider, released its latest breakthrough display product: the UH Series Foldable All-in-One Display. Blending advanced technology with sleek design, this cutting-edge device pioneers inward folding LED displays for commercial and personal use, representing a major leap forward in display technology.

Easy to carry and set up

At the forefront of innovation, the UH Series introduces a sleek and space-saving design, making it easy to carry and transport. This foldable, liftable device offers unparalleled convenience and fits perfectly into an elevator. It comes pre-assembled and takes just 2 minutes for users to start, with no installation required. Thanks to its obstacle-sensing feature, the device is held securely in place when adjusting the height.

Immersive visual experience
Boasting powerful AI processing capabilities, the UH Series adopts hyperchromatic, hyperimage and 2K technologies to deliver clearer, more natural, and more realistic image quality than traditional LED displays. Whether binge-watching a favorite show or diving into intensive work projects, every detail comes to life with crystal-clear clarity. With built-in 2x20W full-band surround sound, users are fully immersed in a captivating and vast audio-visual experience.

Flexible for multitasking
In addition to its innovative features, Dahua's UH Series offers image scaling, multi-signal inputs, and split-screen functionality. This enables seamless integration with a variety of devices, connecting laptops, smartphones, video conferencing or gaming consoles for all digital activities. Whether used as a standalone device or as two screens spliced together, it's ideal for various environments from home theaters to corporate settings, allowing users to easily manage multiple tasks simultaneously and making work and life smarter.

Energy-saving and user-friendly

Designed with energy conservation and environmental protection in mind, the device consumes only 0.5W of standby power and has multiple dehumidification functions to extend its service life. In addition, users can adjust the screen brightness from 1 to 8 levels according to their preferences, bringing a better user experience. The built-in light sensor also automatically adjusts the light to reduce eye fatigue and to protect the product itself.

With the release of the UH Series Foldable All-in-One Display, Dahua continues to push the boundaries of display technology and solutions. It embodies Dahua's commitment to providing high-quality display products that combine elegant aesthetics with superior performance. Embracing the future of digital innovation, Dahua will continue to innovate and explore display products and emerging areas, catering to all aspects of modern life from professional tasks to entertainment pursuits.

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