Innovatieve technologie | Betrouwbare kwaliteit | End-to-end-service

Parking Management

• Easy-to-use platform

Special design for parking management. Visual interface and operation, based on maps.

• Comprehensive surveillance

Car accident and property theft in parking lot make quite troubles for parking lot manager, as lack of evidences causes disputes. High definition video preview and record can be provided by access cameras and space detection cameras. Parking lot manager could help customers to find the video evidences of accident and unearth the incidents, which would benefit both the parking lot manager and customers.

• Intercom handling

Response to visitor or emergency call by VTO.

• Remote management

Modify the vehicle information remotely. Control the barrier remotely.

• Smart search

Search the video and image by date/time/license plate.

• Parking log

Rich parking, entry and exit history log, including vehicle picture, license plate, parking space number, time information and etc.

Reservation & VIP parking services

• Reservation services: making reservation of important customers conveniently.

• VIP parking services: guarding VIP reserved parking space, special indicator colour for VIP parking space.

• Illegal occupation warning: If reserved or special parking place is occupied illegally, there would be a warning for the administrator, and real-time video preview could display automatically. The administrator could activate sound-light alarm to warn the illegal vehicle.