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VPS100 EoL-L

Dahua Video Protection System

Dahua Video Protection System (VPS) prevent video information leakage, manage the use of surveillance resources, improve network transmission security, and guarantee video data security for users.

>Video network security protection: VPS can control clients for Intranet access and identify Intranet users in multiple authentication modes.

>Multiple deployment schemes: VPS supports mixed, bypass, and DR (Direct Routing) deployment modes.
>Multiple disaster recovery technologies: VPS can automatically detect the links. When the video protection gateway fails, VPS can automatically enable escape mode, and bypass the video protection gateway
>Encrypted video watermark: The software client of VPS uses an intel ligent watermarking system, which supports plain text and ciphertext watermark modes to meet the different requirements of users
>Ultra-high processing performance: VPS has high-speed data processing capabilities and accommodates large-scale user and application connections to ensure the efficiency of key business access.
>Unified process management: VPS makes use of an approval function for the video sending process, allowing for effective management of the copying and exporting of video data.

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