AI Coding

What is AI Coding?

As video moves toward high definition, how to save storage costs while maintaining image quality has become one of the users’ concerns. Dahua AI Coding puts emphasis on human and vehicle while encoding, ensuring the target image quality while saving 50% bandwidth and storage costs compared with H.265.AI Coding function is enabled by default in the newest firmware version.


  • Cost-saving

    Saves 50% of bandwidth and storage space!
  • Compatible

    Through CBR (Constant Bit Rate), AI Coding does not lose its decoding compatibility when integrated with 3rd party players or platforms.
  • Stable

    AI Coding based on CBR requires fixed bandwidth construction, ensuring system stability.

Solutions and Products


·Saves more than 25% bandwidth and storage costs compared with H.265 while maintaining valuable target image details.

·Allows video decoding by Dahua or 3rd party platforms with full compatibility.

·Eliminates users' worries regarding sudden changes in bitstream.

Product selection

Typical Scenarios

  • Warehouse

  • Casino

  • Shopping Mall

  • Museum