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Инновационная технология / надежное Качество / комплексное обслуживание

Public Area

Large Scene & AI Monitoring

Scenario Challenges

  • Stealing or damaging public property

  • Littering of pets in public area that affects environment cleanliness

  • Keeping children away from dangerous areas, such as distribution room, fountain, etc.

Solution Highlights

  • Intrusion Detection
  • Starlight+ Technology
  • 32x Optical Zoom

Enhances safety:

• Prevents residents or visitors from entering unauthorized places with AI rules.

See more, see further:

• Smooth and clear monitoring.

• Remote focusing to see details.

Video Surveillance

Don’t miss any vital event in public scenes

  • Elevator Lobby


    2MP Starlight+: keeps the details clear even in obscure conditions.

    Max. IR LEDs Length 50m: keeps the image clear in low-light environment.

    Built-in Mic: records audios of the events inside the elevator.

  • Elevator

    IPC-HDBW3241F-AS-M, PFM885-I

    Compact appearance: increases aesthetic design.

    Up to 500M wireless PTP (Point-to-Point) connection: reduces application and maintenance costs.

  • Corridor


    2MP Starlight+: keeps the details clear even in obscure conditions.

    Built-in Mic: records audios of the events in the corridor.

    Easy Installation: easy adjustment of viewing angle to fit your corridor scene.

  • Parking Lot

    IPC-HFW5442E-SE, IPC-HDBW5442R-S

    4MP Starlight+: can’t miss the most important license plate information in any environment.

    Weatherproof-IP67, Vandal-proof IK10: protects the outdoor camera from damage.

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