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System Overview

The Dahua VACS Solution is a system that can extend traffic light intervals according to the detected vehicle queue length of
road intersections. It adopts a traffic flow camera to detect information such as traffic flow, headway, average speed, occupancy,
and queue length. It effectively improves traffic conditions through adjustments to make traffic flow faster. In addition, the
system works independently and does not require a central software platform.

• Solution Details

>> Traffic Data Collection

The collection of traffic data helps manage traffic signals and provide for more efficient signal adjustments based on real traffic data. Traffic authorities can use real-time data to better understand current road conditions and enhance dynamic green light management, which can greatly reduce vehicle idle times. In the morning and evening rush hours, signal times can be adjusted according to actual conditions to provide more time for vehicles on busier roads.

>> Adaptive Signal Control

The traffic flow camera detects vehicles in pre-defined lanes and sends the length of vehicle queues to the controller through an Ethernet connection. The controller then triggers and automatically improves signal timings.

• Features and Benefits

Interconnecting previously uncoordinated or pre-timed signals and providing newly optimized timing plans and a central master control system can result in travel time reductions of 10-20 percent.

>> Reduces number of stops.

>> Reduces travel times.

>> Lowers fuel consumption.

>> Lowers costs.