Upholding the accumulated technology of IPC WizMind 5 series, the IPC WizMind S series takes user experience to a whole new level in terms of excellent image effect that meet the requirements of various application scenarios. It is equipped with multiple intelligent functions, offers credible adaptability, and even comes in plastic-free packaging, enabling better image performance, promoting environmental sustainability, and providing global clients with smarter vision and stronger shield.

Excellent Image Effect

Realized through an array of image-enhancing technologies that meet complex challenges of security scenarios.

AI-Powered Image

AI-Powered Image is endowed with AI technology that significantly improve the clarity of the whole image in various environments, especially under low light condition, backlight, or during night time.

Low Illumination

With AI-Powered Image, image quality at night is improved mainly in two aspects:

• The overall brightness of the video footage at night is more balanced, providing clear and visible image of the target in low light condition.

• Key targets (e.g. human and vehicle) can be focused intelligently using deep learning algorithm to remove noise and restore details.


Due to different installation positions and light changes, a strong contrast between brightness and darkness might occur (e.g. backlight). With WDR on, the IPC WizMind S series can flexibly adjust overexposure and underexposure and even make moving objects clear and visible.

Time-Division Exposure technology* provides high quality snapshots of targets that can be used in the Video Metadata function.

Time-Division Exposure

Long Exposure
The face is clear but the vehicle is overexposed.

Short Exposure
The vehicle is clear but the face is underexposed.

Time-Division Exposure
Both vehicle and target – that are moving in different speed and are under different original exposure – are clear and visible in the dark.

* Available on Q2 of 2023. Please contact your local sales representatives for more info about the function


The IPC WizMind S series has upgraded its low-illumination effects Starlight and Starlight+ into a higher level called Deeplight. Cameras with Deeplight utilizes deep learning algorithms to process images, effectively reducing noise and achieving better images with higher clarity in environments with low illumination or during night time.

Image Distortion Correction

The IPC WizMind S series is equipped with Image Distortion Correction function that adopts correction algorithm, making each frame of a video footage more natural and more realistic.

• Plain correction effect and more loss in FOV when LDC is on

• Better correction effect and less loss in FOV when LDC is on

Multiple AI Functions

With exceptional analytical capabilities, the AI functions of IPC WizMind S series can fully support business practices and public management.


Video Metadata

Perimeter Protection

People Counting

  • Dahua effectively utilizes both front-end and back-end intelligence to realize AcuPick, a true video search engine that can quickly locate the information you need. We can easily find a lost individual, locate a specific vehicle with just one click.

    Application Scenarios

    · Shopping mall:

    With AcuPick, locate relevant video information to immediately find the specific person, e.g., a lost child.

    · Parking lot:

    With AcuPick, quickly extract culprits, identify and locate videos of targets that can be used as evidence.

  • As a new AI function in the IPC WizMind S series, Video Metadata utilizes deep learning algorithm to detect and capture images of targets (human, vehicle and non-motor vehicle). It selects the images with the best quality and extract relevant attributes. Reports on targets' quantity can be exported by day, week, month and year.

    • Metadata on human, vehicle, and non-motor vehicle

    • Export report of flow statistics

    Application Scenarios

    · Vital traffic road:

    Flow statistics of human, vehicle, and non-motor vehicle.

    · Entrance/Exit of a residential complex:

    Attribute extraction and analysis for events handling.

  • Powered by deep learning algorithm, the Perimeter Protection technology of IPC WizMind S series can recognize human and vehicle targets accurately. It can provide users with rich detection types to deal with different applications, such as tripwire, intrusion, fast moving, parking, loitering and gathering.

    Application Scenarios

    · Campus fence:

    Real-time trespass monitoring and alarm.

    · Residential area:

    Safeguard private properties.

  • People Counting can detect moving human targets and generate accurate statistics. Three supported modes include People Counting Line Crossing, People Counting in Area, and Queue Management. Each mode can set 4 rules. The statistics report can be stored and exported by day, week, month or year.

    * Reports of People Counting Line Crossing support 1 year of storage, Reports of People Counting in Area and Queue Management support 1 month of storage.

    Application Scenarios

    · Retail store:

    Generate accurate data reports for business analysis.

    · Amusement park:

    Count the number of people and give warning in advance.

Credible Adaptability

Dual Power Backup

When Dahua switch and power adapter (DC or AC) are connected at the same time, if one of the power supply cuts off, the IPC can automatically switch to another source without restarting, thus ensuring continuous operation of the device and preventing video loss.

· Frictionless power switching
· No restarting of IPC

*except Box cameras





Provides more accurate light input control.

Anti-corrosion Coating

An ideal option for seaside scenarios.


Supports operating and storage temperature range of –40°C to +60°C (-40°F to +140°F).

Dual Mic

Supports max. 18m and 80dB single sound source pickup.

* only H models of IPC WizMind S series

Plastic-free Packaging

The IPC WizMind S series uses plastic-free packaging made from non-toxic environmentally friendly materials, which helps promote green packaging in the industry and contributes to environment preservation. What’s more, this new camera packaging has undergone high drop test to ensure its stability and durability.

  • Paperboard inside the box

  • PLA material accessory bag

  • Water-based oil instead of plastic film on the surface

  • Moisture-proof surface of the box

  • Environmentally friendly

    Paperboard packaging can be completely recycled or degraded.

  • High reliability

    Passed high drop test to ensure the protection of the product.

  • Cost-saving

    Packaging materials can help reduce waste disposal costs.