Dahua Technology Launches Wizsense SD5A PTZ Camera


Hangzhou, China / September 23, 2020 Dahua Technology, a world-leading video-centric smart IoT solution and service provider, launches its WizSense family’s new SD5A PTZ Camera to provide a wide range of AI-enabled indoor and outdoor application scenarios with upgraded user experience for customers.

Invisible Lens

Presenting a non-invasive appearance with increased concealment, the camera uses an all-black and spherical lens which makes it almost invisible to the naked eye from 15 meters away. This design prevents suspicious individuals from evading surveillance cameras and relieves discomfort of people being exposed to surveillance cameras in public places.

Ultra-low Noise

In response to the annoying noise generated when PTZ camera rotates, the Dahua SD5A PTZ camera uses an ultra-low noise motor which significantly reduces the noise of the camera. Test results in a quiet laboratory show that the sound produced by the rotation of the 1.5 meters high SD5A PTZ camera is less than 20 dB (tested at a distance of 1 meter). This design offers non-sensitive and undisturbed monitoring, making it suitable for some quiet places such as libraries, museums, galleries, etc.

AI-enabled Features

Like other Dahua WizSense products, the SD5A PTZ camera is equipped with an independent AI chip to provide users with upgraded intelligent functions. Based on deep-learning algorithm, the camera combines perimeter protection and auto-tracking to enable intelligent, highly accurate and comprehensive monitoring that is suitable for borders, riversides, fences, private residences and other outdoor areas facing intrusion risks.

Perimeter Protection

Perimeter protection allows users to set a series of intelligent rules for humans, vehicles and objects, which can help them identify whether outsiders are trying to enter restricted or private areas of their properties. Once a human or vehicle enters the warning line set by the user or an object appears/disappears in a specific area, the alarm will be triggered and the system will send a message to the monitoring center. At the same time, the PTZ camera will automatically start tracking the target and capture detailed images. Thanks to the deep-learning algorithm, the false alarm rate has been greatly reduced. Overall, this function provides customers with professional, intelligent, and refined video surveillance services.


With AI-powered auto-tracking function, the PTZ camera offers high accuracy and flexible tracking for different scenarios at different distances. It reduces common target loss when the target is staggered, partially and shortly occluded, deformed or moving quickly. The targets’ trajectories recorded by the camera can be used for further intelligent analysis or can be kept as evidence to aid investigation.

SMD Plus

Based on deep-learning algorithm, SMD Plus can effectively classify human or vehicles in the scene. It filters out false alarms caused by leaves, lights, pets and other non-target objects, thus significantly improving the alarm’s accuracy. In addition, it also supports quick target search from recorded videos, allowing users to trace and analyze data history of human and vehicle targets, enhance search efficiency, and save labor costs.

Predictive Focus Algorithm (PFA)

The application of PFA also brings extra value to the camera. It not only ensures clarity and eliminates shaking during the zooming process, but also shortens focus time in order to preserve clear images at all times, substantially improving user experience.

Wide Product Range For Various Applications

Featuring a small size and lightweight structure, the Dahua SD5A PTZ camera supports up to 45X optical zoom and multiple resolutions ranging from 2MP to 4K. It can deliver high-quality and detailed images to achieve long-distance monitoring for a variety of small and medium-sized scenarios.

In addition, any model of the SD5A products can be customized with anti-corrosion coating. It complies with the EN60950-22 standard and has passed a 14-day neutral salt spray test, meeting monitoring needs for harsh environments such as ports, sea bridges, islands, coastlines, etc.

Boasting the aforementioned features, the Dahua SD5A PTZ camera provides a cost-effective and practical solution that caters different monitoring needs – from quiet indoor places for long-range monitoring, to dangerous areas that require deterrence of approaching outsiders and intruders. With its mission of “Enabling a safer society and smarter living”, Dahua Technology will continue to focus on “Innovation, Quality and Service” to serve its partners and customers around the world.

*Product launch date might vary depending on countries.

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