Dahua Technology Releases 3rd Generation Eco-thermal Cameras for SMB & Consumer Markets


Hangzhou, China/ Oct 20, 2020 Thermal cameras, one of a kind in the security industry, often give people an impression that is high-end, expensive, and suitable for really large scenarios such as boarder of a country, coastlines, substations, and forests. Now the situation has changed.

Dahua Technology, a world-leading video-centric smart IoT solution and service provider, has released new eco-thermal cameras which offer superior AI performance. After Dahua eco-thermal camera’s debut in 2017, it has now iterated to the 3rd generation. By releasing the 3rd generation eco-thermal cameras, Dahua Technology has successfully expanded the exterior of thermal imaging technology to SMB & Consumer markets, enabling a new user base to enjoy the beauty of the once high-end-only thermal imaging technology.

Dahua Thermal Mini Hybrid Camera Applied in Villas

Dahua thermal mini hybrid cameras, featuring perimeter protection, fire prevention, smoking detection and smart linkage, are designed for places including factories, industry parks, parking lots, garbage recycling stations, automobile sales service shops, warehouses, etc.

High resolution For the first time in thermal imaging industry, Dahua Technology adapted 256×192 VOx uncooled thermal sensor technology to entry-level thermal security cameras, ensuring a clear image capture performance. Comparing with the commonly seen 160×120 pixels, the pixels of Dahua thermal mini hybrid cameras has been enhanced by 156%.

Active deterrence Unquestionably, pre-event prevention is more significant than after-event rescue. In order to meet the growing market need, Dahua Technology innovatively combines active deterrence with thermal imaging technology. When an abnormal behavior is detected by the system, the white light and loudspeaker will be triggered to make a visual and sound warning on site, and at the same time generate a record and snapshot. The white light and the content of loudspeaker is configurable according to the scenario.

Superior AI performance Dahua thermal mini hybrid cameras adopt advanced deep-learning algorithms, and offer multiple functions including object classification, fire prevention, smoking detection, call detection, etc. It realizes high accuracy detection by effectively reducing false alarms, and therefore is one of the best choices for small scene perimeter protection.

All-weather 24/7 Monitoring Featuring IP67, Dahua thermal mini hybrid cameras can ensure qualified performance in harsh environments, including terrible field conditions like smoke, haze, smog, poor light conditions such as total darkness, backlight, shadow, headlight and reflection, as well as bad weather such as raining, snowing, fog.

Strong Environmental Adaptability as it Only Receives Infrared

For ecological partners, this is a best time to get on board with thermal, as you can get comprehensive functions with advanced technologies like thermal imaging, AI, and active deterrence, at a fairly affordable price. The cameras come in eyeball and bullet design, and there’re 4 lens for you to choose. Wi-Fi is optional for bullet.

Dahua thermal mini hybrid cameras are ideal choices for short-range perimeter, typical for factories, industry parks, parking lots, garbage recycling stations, automobile sales service shops, warehouses, etc. With its mission of “Enabling a safer society and smarter living”, Dahua Technology will continue to focus on “Innovation, Quality and Service” to serve its partners and customers around the world.

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