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Gas Station

Entrance & Exit

• High-end advertisement display
• Vehicle flow analysis

Refueling Zone

• Video and audio record
• Fire detection with thermal camera
• Integrated with POS and BOS (project customization)

Loading Zone

• Video record
• Fire detection by thermal camera

Working Area

• Video surveillance for retail area
• Access control
• Time attendance
• Heat map of shelf area
• Retail BI solution

Hi-fidelity Audio Pickup Help Resolve Dispute

Video + Audio

• Pickup synchronized recording
• Pickup and audio evidence for disputes

Smoking and Unknown Fire Detection

Fire Detection and Alarm with Thermal Camera

• Thermal mini hybrid bullet camera has both thermal and visible channels
• Thermal channel is for fire detection and alarm
• Visible channel is for video surveillance

Smart Retail Solution

People Counting

• People counting at retail area entrance
• Customer flow analysis of retail area

Integrated with POS for BI

• Integrated with gas station POS
• Business analysis with DSS platform

System Structure of Gas Station Solution