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Dahua Technology Partner Day 2020 Takes Interoperability to the Next Level


Hangzhou, China /December 1, 2020 Dahua Technology, a world-leading video-centric smart IoT solution and service provider, successfully held the online Dahua Technology Partner Day 2020 on December 1st with 26 technology partners. Dahua Technology showcased its ecosystem in the EMEA region, while the partners brought solutions in the field of security and IoT, taking interoperability to the next level. Sign up and watch the playback.

Dahua Technology Partner Day 2020 Takes Interoperability to the Next Level

Openness and cooperation is always Dahua's core values. Together with technology partners, Dahua Technology is building an ecosystem, which provides solutions that suit different scenarios to global customers. Dahua Technology Partner Day is the icon of the ecosystem, and also a stage that display the joint solutions to customers.

Dahua Technology Partner Day 2020 has attracted over 2500 professional participants from traffic and infrastructures, healthcare, retail and residential industries. Themed with “Smarter Together”, this event served as a technological and commercial hub for end-users and system-integrators from different markets. Jason Zhao, Dahua VP & GM of Overseas Business, gave the opening speech focusing on How can interoperability add value to security and IoT industries.

“Welcome to Dahua Technology Partner Day 2020…Technology helps us support and maintain the functioning of our industries, but there´s room for more efficiency. That’s where interoperability comes in. We can make different devices and solutions talk to each other, and even go far beyond a standard integration and develop unique features. We believe in interoperability. Smarter Together.”

Jason Zhao Giving the Opening Speech focusing on How can interoperability add

value to security and IoT industries

26 partners then showcased their solutions in the main auditorium and six different break out rooms, and explored new and diverse business opportunities by chatting with participants in the partner hub.

Mr. Alfonso Castaño, President at ASIS International Spain, gave his recognition to Dahua Technology. He said, “Last year, I’ve attended to Dahua Partner Day 2019, which is impressive, technological, and educational, and was later awarded Best Security Event in 2019. Dahua Technology is more than a supplier, but a trusted partner. This year’s Dahua partner day demonstrates even more joint solutions, and is a good opportunity to witness the development of Dahua Ecosystem.”

Integrated solutions bring a higher efficiency and enable a faster and more accurate analysis. In its quest for more interoperability, Dahua Technology hopes to convey the message to the industries through Dahua Technology Partner Day 2020. Follow the latest partner updates and integrations on our technology partner page www.smarter2gether.com

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