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IVS-PB8000-A EoL-L

Common Event Detection Server

> Adopt ASIC intelligent computing card researched and developed by Dahua, with low power consumption and high performance.
> Adopt advanced metadata and behavior analysis deep learning algorithms, and reach the world-class target detection rate and behavior analysis accuracy.
> Support dynamic loading of algorithm and chip-level separation to enhance system robustness.
> Adopt universal server with PCIE slot design, make use of old servers to reduce costs.
> Based on video cloud architecture, support standalone and clustered deployment, and meet customers’ requirements to expand capacity.

> The all-in-one server (includes software and hardware) can be sold separately, and it supports connecting to third-party devices.

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  • System

    Main processor

    One Intel Xeon E3-1275 V5, 3.6 GHz, 4C/8T


    Intel C236

    Operating system

    CentOS Linux release 7.4.1708 (Core)

    Intelligent card

    1 Dahua DH-AIX3000 self-researched standard half-height intelligent card


    Two 8GB DDR4 memory, maximum 4 slots.


    One 3.5'' 4T disk which can be extended to maximum 16T (each disk is 4T), and maximum 4 slots.
    7.2K RPM SATA 6Gbps 512n 3.5''

    Common Event Detection

    Multi-rules application

    Set and apply multiple rules.

    Detection area

    Set detection area and 10 exclusion areas.

    Real-time display

    Display rule detection areas and target detection boxes in real-time video.
    Rule and target detection boxes can flicker during real-time alarm.

    Crowd density detection

    Support to set max 8 monitoring regions in one video channel; give an alarm when number of people in the region exceeds the threshold for certain period; give an alarm when region density exceeds the threshold for certain period; support real-time statistics of total number of people in the video of output channel; support real-time statistics and output of number of people in each monitoring area.
    Crowd density:
    Low density scene: People counting accuracy ≥80% (not required if there are less than 10 people);
    High density scene: People counting accuracy ≥75% (20–50 people), people counting accuracy ≥80% (50+ people) (not required if there are less than 10 people).

    Customer flow statistics

    Support real-time analysis on number of people entering and leaving one area in video channel;
    Target pixel ≥60×60, and accuracy >93% (in the day, no obvious obstacles).


    Automatically detect tripwire crossing;
    Target pixel ≥60×60, recall rate ≥90%, and effective rate ≥90%.


    Monitor the forbidden area and give an alarm;
    Target pixel ≥60×60, recall rate ≥90%, and effective rate ≥90%.

    Abandoned object

    Monitor suspected abandoned object in key protection areas, and give an alarm (bags, luggage and boxes);
    Target pixel ≥60×60.

    Loitering detection

    Monitor people staying in key protection areas and give an alarm;
    Target pixel ≥60×60, recall rate ≥90%, and effective rate ≥90% (less than 5 people).

    Fast moving

    Detect fast moving and give an alarm;
    Target pixel ≥60×60, recall rate ≥80%, and effective rate ≥80% (less than 5 people).

    Fighting detection

    Detect fighting and give an alarm;
    Support 8-channel analysis,
    The fighting target takes up 1/4 × 1/4 of the image.

    Wrong-way detection

    Monitor pedestrians who walk in the wrong way in unidirectional areas, and give an alarm;
    Target pixel ≥60×60, recall rate ≥90%, and effective rate ≥90% (less than 5 people, no obvious obstacles).

    Escalator abnormity detection

    Support real-time monitoring of sudden stop and reverse operation of escalators;
    Target pixel ≥60×60.

    Report generation and export

    Export alarm information in Excel, including channel name, event time, event name, event type, rule name, rule line, scene and target box.

    Alarm search

    Search alarm information by device, channel, event type and snapshot time.

    Common Event Detection Application Scene


    Widely applicable to airports, subways, railway stations, squares, service halls and malls.

    Camera installation

    Installation method

    Support front installation and side installation. Front installation is recommended.


    Recommended 3 to 6 meters; 9 to 20 meters for high density scenes.


    Recommended angle of depression is 10 to 75°, and target pixel is more than 60 × 60.


    Video resolution

    720P and above is recommended.

    Camera access

    One server supports the access analysis of maximum 16-channel 1080P cameras.



    Two 1000M Ethernet ports


    2 front USB2.0 ports, 2 rear USB3.0 ports and 2 rear USB2.0 ports


    2 VGA ports






    Power supply

    100–240V, 50–60Hz, 6A–3A

    Power redundancy

    Single power supply

    Power consumption

    ≤ 400W

    Operating temperature

    10°C to 35°C (50°F to 95°F)

    Operating humidity

    10%–80% RH (29°C)

    Storage temperature

    10°C to 65°C (50°F to 149°F)

    Storage humidity

    5%–95% RH (33°C)

    Gross weight

    16.00 kg (35.27 lb)

    Net weight

    8.50 kg (18.74 lb)


    43.50 mm × 438.50 mm × 550.00 mm

    (1.71''× 17.26'' × 21.65") (H × W × D)

    Box dimensions

    271.00 mm × 625.00 mm × 895.00 mm

    (10.67'' × 24.61''× 35.24") (H × W × D)


    Standard 19'' rack installation with guide rail.