AcuPick 2.0

AcuPick is a true video search engine that can quickly locate the information you need. For a better user experience, AcuPick 2.0—introduced in 2024—offers advanced features encompassing multiple pre-search, multi-type search, intuitive result viewing, and seamless integration with third-party platforms and cameras. This upgrade affords users more speed, more accuracy, more convenience, and more compatibility in search capabilities.
Development History
  • Quickly and Accurately Locate Target

    AcuPick 2.0 supports quick target location through various pre-search by attributes, intrusion with IVS self-learning technology, and image search before using the AcuPick function.

  • Rich Search Types

    AcuPick 2.0 supports several types of search targets, including not only humans and vehicles, but also human faces and animals.

  • Better Compatibility

    AcuPick 2.0 by NVR supports AI, integrates with third-party and Dahua cameras, and reduces thresholds and costs. AcuPick 2.0 also seamlessly integrates with third-party platforms via CGI/SDK, enhancing flexibility and scalability.

  • Easily Trackable

    AcuPick 2.0 supports searching for the movement trajectories of targets on the map and allows batch management of search results.

Quickly and Accurately Locate Target

Pre-search by Intrusion or Tripwire

AcuPick 2.0 supports pre-search by intrusion and tripwire. With AcuPick, users can draw an irregular intrusion rule or tripwire to search for video clips in the preview and playback page, helping users to quickly and easily identify the target that entered the area. Users can click on the thumbnails to quickly lock the target and activate AcuPick.

IVS Self-learning Technology Reduces False Alarms

To enhance the accuracy of pre-search by intrusion or tripwire, AcuPick 2.0 has launched the IVS self-learning technology, which can eliminate common false alarms in the same scenario by manually adding false alarms to the IVS false alarm database.

Pre-search by Attributes

Before using AcuPick, it is necessary to locate the target. However, in some scenarios, one may not know the exact time and place where the target appears but only know some attributes of the target. To address this, AcuPick 2.0 now supports pre-search by attributes, which can select attributes according to the known information of the target and search for targets that match the attributes.

* Supported by WizMind S Series IPC and WizMind X Series IPC.
Rich Search Types

Newly Supports Animal Search

AcuPick 2.0 supports target searches for humans, vehicles, and animals. Its precise detection and tracking capabilities make it an ideal choice for enhanced security and surveillance, catering to a wide range of applications.

Search with Face Recognition

AcuPick 2.0 can be simultaneously enabled with face recognition on NVR5-XI or NVR6-XI. When both functions are active, individuals exhibiting suspicious behavior can be identified and tracked. If such a person re-enters the premises, the system accurately alerts security personnel using face recognition, enhancing safety and security efficiently.
Better Compatibility

AcuPick by NVR

AcuPick 2.0 supports AI by NVR, making it compatible with third-party cameras and Dahua general cameras. Not only can it lower the threshold for use, but it can also help reduce construction costs.

Compatible with Third-party Platforms

The AcuPick 2.0 function can seamlessly and deeply integrate with various third-party platforms by supporting open CGI/SDK. The compatibility upgrade significantly enhances the flexibility and scalability of AcuPick, enabling it to fit broader application scenarios.
Easily Trackable

Target Track Query

With AcuPick 2.0, users can review the trajectory of the target they are searching for on the map, enabling them to quickly locate and identify the target in time.
Typical Scenarios
  • Loss of Property
    Property safety is particularly important in daily life. When a property is lost, it is necessary to quickly investigate the situation, define the scope of damage, and quickly recover the lost property. The Pre-search by Intrusion function can help find the video of the lost property immediately.
  • Seek the Robber
    In a narrow passageway with sparse foot traffic, personal safety and property safety are difficult to ensure. It is important to quickly monitor the area and be aware of potential danger. The Pre-search by Attributes function can help locate the target quickly. Through Target Track Query, we can immediately find the location of the target, preventing any further harm or loss.
  • Pet Monitoring
    Pets jump up and down and run around aimlessly in every corner of the house while the pet owner is not at home. With this solution, pet owners can know where their pets are when they are not at home. Users can also save the daily videos of their pets for later viewing.